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Questions re fuel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Makovitza, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Hi guys. I have a couple of questions about fuel. Firstly, is there any benefit to using premium unleaded (v-power or similar) in a motorbike?

    My second question involves a bit of explanation. On Thursday I was riding home from a friend's house and the engine started spluttering and sounding like it was going to stall. So I assumed I was low on fuel and switched to reserve - that appeared to fix the problem. Didn't have time to fill up right away and was nearly home. The next morning I went to the local petrol station, and surprisingly could only fit about $7 worth of petrol in the tank. Which had me wondering, since the level should be much lower if I'm needing to switch to reserve. Then I rode out to Lilydale (from Bentleigh). At the start of the trip back the engine started doing it's "I'm running out of fuel" routine again, so I switched to reserve and kept riding, knowing there should be plenty of fuel in there. I ran a few errands and got home from Lilydale on reserve no problems.

    So my question is - what might be causing this? Am I doing anything wrong? Is it ok to ride her like this? I was planning to send her in for a service relatively soon anyway, so hopefully whatever's causing it will be fixed then, but I just wanted to check it wasn't something I was doing...

    Christie :grin:
  2. plenty of fuel threads on the forum, just do a search, and there will be enough pages on the topic to see you into retirement.
    generally, no advantage in using PULP especially in a VTR250. they can have precious fuel filters, so a dose of fuel system cleaner (such as nulon, the one you add with a tank, dont use too much but. ive found these can help quite a bit.
    it sounds like something is obscuring the fuel filter.
    #remove seat
    #drain petrol
    #remove tank
    -undo 2 bolts (10mm) at frame behind steering stem
    -undo 1 bolt (12mm) at aft of tank
    -remove vaccum line into fuel cock
    -remove fuel line into fuel cock
    you can now take the tank
    to access fuel filter
    you need to remove the whole fuel cock (take note of where the fuel switch is pointing), to remove this, unless you have a massive shifting spanner (like 32mm) its easier just to use a monkey wrench to loosen the locknut, then unscrew the whole apperatus, the whole thing pops out of the tank.
    now inspect the fuel filter, and drain any residual fuel out of the tank. i think you might be suprised at just how much crap can live there. for the fuel filter itself, gently pry it out of the fuel cock, make sure you dont loose the little rubber washer. for cleaning the fuel filter, some people may consider this unsafe practise, its just they way ive found best. pouring fresh petrol into the little hole of the bottom of the filter, to wash any crap out of it (pouring into a drain pan obviously, in a well ventilated area). other wise you can gently apply pressurised air from the inside out, im reasonably sure this is what it recomends in the manual.
    reinstall fuel filter, making sure its secure.
    reinstall the full cock, making sure the fuel switch will not point to far forwards/backwards as to be obscured by the frame, if this happens the fuel cock will eventually break.
    now put everything back together, and put FRESH fuel in.

    im thinking if it was a problem further down the line, switching to reserve wouldnt make any difference, as with if there was water in the fuel or something like that. i'd try the fuel treatment first before you rip the tank off.


    *poises and wait to be corrected by ibast or typhoon :p :grin: *
  3. It could have just been vapour lock, lift the tank cap to let some air in and you'll let the fuel flow out the bottom of the tank into the engine. Happens particularly when you fill a bike right to the very top. Happened to me the other day.
  4. Wow - what a comprehensive response!! Thanks idon'tlikemondays!! (and Hotcam of course :grin: )

    I tried letting some air into the tank this morning before riding to work, and she seemed to ride ok with the tap on normal so maybe that was it. Although I didn't think I overfilled the tank...

    I'll definitely be getting some of that fuel system cleaner, though. Sounds like a great idea. I want to keep her in tip-top condition. Is there any point putting some in before I take her for a service, or will they just change the fuel anyway?
  5. They almost certainly won't change the fuel as you can do it yourself by riding it.
  6. Haha - good point!!
  7. for a major service (if you go somewhere good) they will clean out the filter and the fuel lines, but yeah na, they wont put fresh petrol in.