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Questions on cdi..

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Sweeris, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. sorry but un educated but only advance would be to your bank balance
    well thats my view
  2. Have one of these on by cbr250rr.

    Puts about 7 hp up all over the curve (over stock) and makes the bike much more torquie. I have the dyno graphs for it too :cool:

    It also removes the rev limit, so you can redline if your not careful.

    She pulls much harder from the lights as well.


    Drinks fuel like a fish
    gets hotter, quicker and needs to run at decent speed to keep cool
    needs to be tuned once you install it to run leaner

    Other than that its great.

    Can show you at one of the next rider meets (assuming your in Melb).
  3. How many k's do you get per tank?
    It sounds decent. We might meet up to have a look at it :)
  4. Damn, I just found one of these for my bike...and it's...not that expensive...must.fight.urge...
  5. Where abouts did you find yours?? (jus curious)
  6. The table of models on the eBay link you posted mentioned the GJ74A model bandit so I just sent the seller a message asking about ones for GJ77A models.