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Questions on buying a new KLR650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MYOMNOMS, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    I'm looking at buying a new KLR 650 but I can't seem to find answers to a few questions and thought you lovely people might be willing to help me out.

    This will be my first street legal bike ( I have an AG200L with a saucepan for a muffler atm :oops: ), And I wanted to know if a KLR650 can take daily highway use with some luggage without stressing the engine?

    And if anyone could explain the whole Restricted/De-restricted situation with the new KLR650's to me I'd be very very grateful! Does getting a KLR650 de-restricted make it Illegal for a Victorian learner rider?

    ,Thanks for reading this
    Oh and I'd be using the bike as mostly a commuter but occasionally having fun on the weekends.
  2. As far as I know the KLR650 is not restricted to be under LAMs. It's just generally not powerful.

    I've heard many good things about it too, one of those being that it will sit comfortably on highways.

    Note: I don't own one so wait until you hear from someone who does.
  3. Thanks mate, Any advice is good advice!

    I'm not really after a powerful bike, as long as it does 110kph without screaming it's head off, I'm quite happy with it.

  4. Oh and If anyone has a KLX250SF, Would it be capable for regular highway use? i'm 6 foot 2 and 80kg if that makes much difference.

    ,Again, thanks a bunch anyone to that responds!
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  6. Hey Doug,

    I commute on my 2010 KLR650 400km/5 days a week with a fully loaded Ventura bag and rack. The KLR is a great first bike and will easily do what you describe. Your planned usage is exactly the same as mine, and I can confirm you are on the right track.

    The KLR is not insanely powerful but has plenty of get up and go for suburban and freeway riding - it comfortably does 120kmh and will keep up with traffic without any issues.

    KLR650s ~are~ restricted for LAMS riders, via the snorkel into the air box (which restricts air flow) and via a couple of small breather holes drilled into the carb slide. It is technically illegal to reverse these restrictions prior to coming off your learner restrictions ... assuming the restrictions have been done in the first place.

    Oh yeah, one other thing - you're on the tall side - you will appreciate the taller / larger size of this bike. I am 6' even and cannot imagine squeezing onto most of the bikes on the LAMS list.

    Hope this helps - feel free to post up or PM me if you have any further questions.

  7. quoted for truth.

    you have to get the bike de-restricted otherwise it is too slow. nobody will pick you up on it because its not a bike that attracts that kind of attention.
  8. Considering the KLR is so soft even in unrestricted form, it seems a bit daft that it needed restriction for LAMs. The very similarly specced DR650 is significantly faster than the unrestricted KLR (in my experience) due to its lower weight and yet is still LAMS legal AFAIK.
  9. However a correctly de-restricted KLR650 is faster than a stock DR650 (yes I speak from personal experience), off course a properly modified DR650 is faster again.

    I'm a fat bastard and I load mine up with 25kg of luggage and happily do 600km mixed dirt and back road tar touring days without issue so a bit of commuting is unlikely to hurt a KLR.

    They aren't complicated, they aren't light, they aren't modern, they aren't sexy but what they are is long lived. Many of them on the KLR forum have hundreds of thousands of kilometres on them.

    DR650's a bit better offroad, KLR650's are a bit better onroad but it's uncommon to see a DR650 with even 100,000 kms on them without gearbox issues.
  10. Mine's got 30,000 fairly hard kms up so far and shifts like a new bike. Not showing any tell-tale metal debris in the oil either so I'm crossing my fingers they'd sorted it by '08.
  11. QuarterWit has done a fair bit of research of web discussions of the KLR, maybe he can chime in, though it sounds like you've got some good answers.

    All I know is that, a month ago as I pushed the SR500 along at 95kph between Nyah and Swan Hill, with the usual feeling that it doesn't really like this, a local I see around cruised past on his KLR650, giving me a wave as he overtook me, with an engine that had that single thump and yet sounded pretty relaxed. I had a moment of envy.

    However for my money I'll always prefer air-cooled: DR650, XT/TT600....

    No you won't...ditch that farm-boy bike and a whole new world is calling.
  12. I own the DR, a mate I ride with has the KLR (a '09). The KLR is fine to ride up to $1.30 (in the NT obviously) then it starts to run out of steam. Its probably a little better at those speeds at least standard because of the different ratios and the fairing.

    I chose the DR as it is lighter and I bought a R1 for road use to complement it. So I sacrificed some road manners for better off road.

    The KLR is a great bike for a learner and it should be more popular, its probably faster than a CBR250, VTR250, Ninja 250 etc in most situations but young riders mostly are hung up about looks (I was when I was younger as well- ZZR250 for me :) ).
  13. they're both tractors, do you want a green tractor or a black tractor
  14. dr650 > klr 650 in every way except for wind protection.
  15. Then why if the DR650 is so much better was every DR650 in the group I was riding with well behind my KLR650 on last saturday's ride? Unlike an assortment of other bikes that were in front of me (DRZ400, KTM525, XR600).

    If you're going to start talking about a Husky TE630 or a KTM 640 Adventure or even a DRZ400 then sure, the difference is chalk and cheese but the difference between a DR650 and a KLR650 is much more a matter of one's better here and the other is better there.
  16. Really? I spoke to a dealer earlier today who said it's still LAMS approved in Victoria after de-restriction, or was he just bullshirting to get a sale?

    And thanks to everyone who replied, You've all been awesome!

    I'll take a look at a DR650, but I'll be using whatever bike for probably 80-90% on-road use, I'm just not a fan of using a Ninja or a cbr250r as a daily commuter and I live around dirt roads.

    ,Thanks again
  17. i've had both klr and dr so my opinion isnt just made up crap. but a dr is alot more rideable on the blacktop and off road than a klr. neither are much good at either but if i had to pick one again i would go the dr.

    the klr i had burnt shed loads of oil since new and didnt have enough grunt to ride properly off road. the dr didnt burn oil, but still didnt have that much grunt but the suspension was better and riding position more like a dirtbike with a flatter seat.

    still, both are budget bikes so they arent the greatest things out.
  18. KLR650's had some issues with oil burning in the 2007 and 2008 models, that's a known issue and was fixed under warranty for most bikes.

    Anyone who's got a KLR needs to properly de-restrict it and fit a free flowing exhaust, that will take the rear wheel dyno figure from about 25 to high 30's (an exhaust isn't needed for a DR650).

    I weight 120kg, neither the suspension of the KLR650 or the DR650 is any good at all but the KLR can be fixed with just a heavier rear spring (the damping is fine) the DR650 needs springs front and rear plus a rear shock.

    I replaced the seat on my KLR650 with an aftermarket flatter seat so I can move around easier, all of these are simple cheap mods.

    If you're saying that a KLR650 isn't as good as a DR650 stock off the floor then I'd agree but given a budget of say $3000 to spend on both bikes and the difference becomes insignifican't.
  19. for an un-biased opinion it is hard to go past someone that has had-both and now has-neither.

    btw, you can't compare bikes by saying someone on XXX goes faster someone else on YYY.

    personally, i've seen Litre-Class Bikes eaten alive by skilled riders on bikes the such as; DR650, KTM625, Husky610, VFR400 and ZZR250. (just by mentioning the models, i'm sure there are a few here that know the associated riders)
  20. still if you're going to be throwing $3K at either, you really have to wonder if its worth it and are you really getting value. both the klr and dr had the basic mods on them, ie pipe + rejet & bashplate but i didnt see much more point on spending any more cash on them. i did throw a higher bend of bars at the dr as the stockers were extremely low when riding standing up.

    most of the suspension components on these bikes are super budget, as are the wheels so you cannot ride them properly and the supple-ness of stock suspension saves the wheels and keeps the pace down.

    but they are budget bikes (in my mind) so i would rather not spend the money on them getting them to do things that they arent built to do. if you're going to buy one of them and then drop $3k on one, why not buy a proper bike instead.