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VIC Questions from a noob

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Murty, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Hey,

    I hope someone can clear these few things up for me before I start riding on the road next weekend - apologies if they're obvious and I should already know.
    1. I will still have my learners permit when the laws change on October 1st this year. I am confused as to whether or not I'll be subjected to the new laws or not. I believe once I get my P's, the new laws will apply (due to getting them after October 1st). Any input?
    2. Obvious one: what is the speed limit for Learners in Victoria? (I don't think there is one, but better to be safe than sorry.)
    3. Where are we at with traffic filtering? Can it be done only when traffic is stopped (eg stop lights or traffic jam) or can it be done if traffic is moving slowly?
    4. As of Jan 1st this year, Motorcycles are now required to pay for toll roads, correct or not?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. 1. Speak to Vicroads, there is some talk that if you're an L plater when the laws come in you will have to be on L's for a year.
    2. Refer to your rider handbook
    3. No legal filtering. Search the forum for the complex answer as to whether it's possible.
    4. Not sure why you're asking since the answer is contained in your question and readily available from the Citylink website, yes, correct.
  3. Thanks @robsalvv@robsalvv.
    Regarding [2], I can't actually find anything stating speed limits, so I have to assume that I just obey the speed limits...? Correct me if I'm wrong please.

    Handbook pt 1
    Handbook pt 2
  4. No special restrictions on Speed Limits for L's or P's in Vic (as yet) Just follow the posted signs.
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    In Victoria you only need to comply with the posted speed limit, there is not a separate speed restriction for Learners/P PLaters.

    ETD: Gooza beat me to it. :)
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  7. 2. Depends how fast your bike goes
    3. Filter when you want

    Oh an I'm in Qld so VIC doesn't count lol :woot:
  8. You won't have to wear a hi vis vest if you already have your L's, but when you get your license after Oct 1 the rest of the new stuff will apply to you.
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  9. Sorry for the bump, but I've got a similar question.
    I'm currently on red Ps, turning over to green Ps in April, will I be restricted because of the new laws? I was on my red Ps before the law change, so from I can figure out I'm fine to ride a larger bike on my greens?
  10. I don't believe it affects you.
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