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Questions for the SP2 owners...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricecooker, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I've been thinking about the SP2 and after test riding one today I may be a little bit in love...

    I'm a little concerned on the fuel range though? How thirsty are they on spirited riding and just cruising?

    Also, are there any common problems with them, or anything I should look out for in particular?

    The one I'm looking at is a 2002 model with 26xxx km on the clock. And given the amount of riding I do, it will rack up the kays very quickly.

    Any thoughts on this bike would be welcome :)

  2. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Is this a serious thread?

  3. I had the SP1.

    Fuel range, on a spirited ride I ran out 200 meters from a servo and the clock said 224km.

    Fuel light usually came on around the 180km.

    Terrific bike. Lots of torque, very uncomfortable, geared very tall, too tall for the street. Easy fix though with a couple of sprockets.

    Mine had an electrical issue when I went to start it every now and again. The starter appeared to "jam" and the thing would lose power momentarily. It was enough though to reset the trip meter and you then had to guess when your next fuel stop was.

    Other than that the bike was nuts. Get one if it's in your budget and comfort is not an issue.
  4. IMHO, the coolest Jap bike made this millenium =P~

    If it's on your radar, I'd say go for it :cool:
  5. yeah i don't know where you got the 350kms from mel, might have to ask cmc if you can boroow it for a weekend or a day off during the week, and push the range to see :twisted:
  6. Thanks for the input Vic :grin:

    :LOL: James - the 350 fuel range I got off the net!!!! and I didn't exactly trust it to be accurate, hence asking :LOL: well it was like 19.3 km/L or something to I just timesed that by 18 and yeah... didn't seem right...

    Ahhhh fk the fuel range anyway... I can work around it :twisted:

    It is definitely on the radar Alex :grin: ... as is a ZX7R... completely different bikes I know! If only I could actually find a 7 to ride... :roll:
  7. And you thought the 6r had a sporty position, wait until you try a 7r :shock:

    SP2 certainly do look hot.. but they generally are all low km bikes due to their sporting nature. Expect to take a massive hit on resale when you add the kms you'll be putting on it, but other than that.. they look and sound MEAN :grin:
  8. I saw you belting up the clyde (black flat, actually) this arvo today mel!
    SP2's are seriously cool :cool:
    I reckon you NEED to get one.
  9. 18 litres yes but it will stop once its gone through 16. 2 left to keep the fuel pump wet
  10. Hi Joel!!! I was wondering if you were out and about, you always seem to spot me on coast trips! (guess I'm not hard to miss :LOL:)

    OK so if the bike stops after using 16L, and the fuel light comes on with 2.5L remaining.. does that mean I would have 0.5L to get fuel?? :shock:

    I figure any bike is gonna lose a lot on the resale with the kays I do... but that's the price of FUN :grin: :grin: I'm taking a huge hit on the 636, though I guess there is a huge difference between one with 12000 and 70000km on the clock :LOL:
  11. if the sp doesn't work out for you mel i'll swap my vtr and the gsxr for it :LOL:
  12. Huge hit is paying $23,000 and selling it for $11,000 :(
  13. ouch vic