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Questions for owners of V-Star XVS 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I am hoping to buy this bike, and local Yamaha dealer wasn't very helpful.
    Excuse my very stupid questions.

    1. Range of accessories on Yamaha.com.au website is very small. Comparing to factory accessories Honda provide for their cruisers.
    Is there an australian(Syd) specialist company for Yamaha/cruisers accessories and stuff?

    2. My feet is large (size 46) and don't fit on those floorboards. Right foot- do you keep toes on the brake so you can rest heel on board? More problematic is left foot where you either slide foot under front lever or put heel over rear one. how do you manage it?

    3. Gauges. I can't find aftermarket fuel gauge. the only thing I could find is Pro-One Handlebar Tach. Anyone installed that themselves? Do you need to tear open the engine or it plugs into something nicely?
    Anything else out there for a dashboard?

    4. Is there any drop protection for this bike? On which points it would fall and what can be bought for protecting that?

    5. Anyone made a seat modification to make it higher? like seat from XVS Custom?

    6. Seat height between XVS Classic and Custom. In specs Custom says it has lower clearance and lower seat height than Classic. But when I tried Custom, seating position was noticeably higher! How come?


  2. Hope that helped... any more?
  3. PS forget the stealer
  4. what helped?
  5. what is "stealer" ? is this a "troll" answer you're giving?
  6. mate if your that fcuking dumb u find someone else
  7. Stealer = Dealer.

    Have a look at international sites for bling. Much cheaper than getting it here even when postage is added.

    You may need bigger boards for you big feet. If you have a heel / toe shifter that may have be bigger also. Again look internationally.

    Use the trip meter to keep an eye on fuel levels. Easiest way.
  8. I had no idea what you were talking about either, and I'm around people who believe no sentence is complete without slang of some kind. I like to believe no one knows everything, which makes you rude.
  9. and back rim is the same size?
    16" has better manoeuvrability/stability than 18"?

    Generally ,is custom any better technically besides it's "cool" looks? It's few kgs less weight, bigger front rim, no footboards.
    I don't care about the looks, just want stable and easy ride.
  10. Sorry about the words, id just woke up. So you found it, good stuff.
    The custom handles nicely, just dont try doing knee downs in wet weather, its long and heavy which makes it tail happy so you take it slow and you have no problem especially with wet/dry tires like the metzler M-80 series. Handles better than the classic. Im no physicist but itd make sense the larger front rim and lighter weight which improve its capabilities.
    Technically theyre the same bike mostly cosmetic differences, same frame, engine, suspension, forks and drive train, the only real difference is the fenders, front rim, seats and I have read somewhere that the classic is tuned to be marginally quicker, but only a dyno would notice the difference.
    Overall, if you like the yamaha xvs 650 I cant tell you anything bad about it. Iv never had any problem with mine apart from a flat battery, but I make sure the splines are greased and have it serviced ect... they look the goods, aftermarket mods are beyond plentiful, with an exhaust and the right air kit youl have enough grunt for any situation except over around 160kmh which has been enough for me...

    Any questions let me know, iv researched the hell out of this bike and the knowledge has gota go somewhere ;) keep me posted on whats happenin.
  11. Classic vs Custom - the Classic is generally considering a better touring/distance option than the Custom given its wider front tyre, but otherwise the difference between the two is largely in appearance and styling preference.

    Forget the optional fuel gauge...fuel gauges on bikes aren't worth the money. Take the bike for a ride and note the kms from full tank to when you hit reserve and you now know at how many kms you can expect to hit reserve in the future. Do this for both city riding and hwy riding as the figures will be different. Then all you need to do is monitor your kms when you're out. Far more accurate than an add on fuel gauge!

    For accessories and bling you can't go past www.cruisercustomizing.com Yamaha genuine accessories are overpriced and somewhat limited. You'll save yourself a bundle by buying from the US and having it shipped over.

    Drop protection - you'll find a whole range of crash bars/engine guards on the website.

    Floorboards - I'd be surprised if your feet don't fit. Whilst I haven't sat on the 650, I have the 1100 and I'm pretty sure sizing is identical and I have no issues. No don't cover the brake pedal with your foot and have your heel on the board, you'll end up with a mother of a cramp in your foot :LOL: