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Questions for a beginner

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Mandala434, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. How are you doing guys>
    I got this niggling question about buying a 50cc scooter (I got this -Honda Today 50cc- in my mind) for a v.reasonable price. 1. do you really need a new license to ride a low powered scooter? (I already have my full car license but I haven't put my hands on a car since 2003), if I do how much will the transport department charge me?

    2. I have zero experience in riding (although I've been told that riding a 50cc's like riding a bicycle) is that true? so I won't have to do 1 of those damn logbook lesson again.

    3. If I do end up buying the scooter, how much are the registration that I have to pay per yearly/monthly?, the costs for repairs/check-up & more importantly fuel costs for a 50cc...Thanks a million for the help
  2. if you fill out your profile with where you live we can help you a lot more.

    different rules for different states.

    oh and hi!. a post or 2 in the welcome lounge wouldn't go astray either
  3. What Drew said...........
    But lets cut the bull.
    Ring your local RTA type joint and get the correct answer instead of a dozen guesses.

    Welcome too, but really you took the time to register and post here instead of a call to a 13 number? :?
  4. Hey Drew & 2wheelsagain cheers=D
    Sorry 'bout that should've filled it in earlier my bad...I live in Adelaide - SA @ the moment & I reckon I'll stay there for quite awhile unless I get my full time job interstate or even overseas. I reckon car's way too expensive for me & I'm a bit unsure about my driving skills, but, with a 50cc I should be able to handle it alot better.

  5. Um if you're unsure about your driving the last thing i'd get is a bike/scooter.

    Your skills need to be much much better on a bike than in a car...it's a whole new game out there on a bike than in a car.

    scooters may be small and easier to handle but it exposes you to a LOT more danger at the same time. I'd reccomend working on the driving/roadcraft..THEN get the scooter if thats what you want.
  6. Well I don't think I'm gonna backout from getting a scooter, since I got 2 options & nothing else either I spend my savings on getting my personal transportation/waste it on traveling again (I'll end up back in this hole called Adelaide again anyway, so I might as well).

    Don't worry I'm pretty sure I'll be all right, but I guess I won't be riding it at night time especially on Friday & Saturday night, bloody hoons everywhere especially in the city & bayside. I got a full license already pls don't tell me I gotta take another theory & practical testing with the low powered 50cc they gotta be kidding if they do.
  7. Most states require you to pass a riding test to show you can handle a bike ok usually has a bike theory test as well. this is because a bike IS different to a car as already mentioned.

    i think WA lets oyou ride 50CC with no test but not sure about SA.
  8. No worries, it's confirmed that we don't need another license to ride electricity/petrol powered 50cc scooter unless you want to go 125 or up then you have to get a new registration, logbook lessons etc...thanks a lot for the help=D I've also just called the transport department just in case.
    Will definitely buy 1 really soon now, I'm trawling for 2nd hand scooters
  9. Seeing as you have decided you are definitely getting a scoot, here is what I think you should do (in order);

    1. Go to a few motorcycle/scooter shops and buy some proper motorcycle protection gear. You MUST get at least a helmet, jacket and gloves. Ideally you should also get some proper motorcycle pants or "draggin jeans" these have extra protection in them.

    2. AFTER you've got all your gear, go to a few different scooter dealers and test ride some scooters. I suggest you look at 2-stroke 50cc scoots because in the 50cc size, the 4 stroke ones are too slow. That means the Honda Today-50 isnt your best option.

    3. Once you have a scooter, consider linking up with some more experienced riders in Adelaide and go practice with them. They will be able to give you some pointers and help you out.

    Stay safe.

    edit - i really cringe when i read your posts mate. I think you are really jumping in the deep end when you dont know how to swim. So number 4 is get private health insurance and number 5 is get full comp bike insurance.

    2nd edit - that might sound harsh, but I say it from the perspective of "concern" rather than "cranky old bastard."
  10. 6. try and stay alive
  11. I totally agree with Duffman and Drew.

    Based on personal experience, doing a motorcycle course (eg. Ridersafe) will help you a lot. Even on their scooters. You will be tought how to turn, brake and ride correctly and safely.
    Unfortunately, Ridersafe is stupidly expensive.
    Roadcraft+ do a specialised scooter course as well and much cheaper.
    Details can be found via the SA Scooter Club website.

    Oh, SA motorcycle licences are not done on "logbooks". Two courses totalling three days of theory and practice.
  12. Oh, to answer one of your original questions.

    Rego $170/year for a 50cc.
    Services around $90-$110 for a basic yearly service depending where you go in Adelaide.
    Consumption around 30-35km per litre depending on load and speed.
  13. Thanks a million for all the explanations it helped so that I didn't have to ask a truckload of questions to the guys who are selling the scoot. I've got myself a Bolwell Jolie 50cc ex-demo 120km only black in perfect shape for $.1750 :grin: . Rode it all the way through a busy Anzac Highway & survived without any problems & went back to the same place again today for another test run. I really enjoyed riding the scoot.

    Team Show And Go Australia (236 Brighton Road, Somerton) This shop's really good if you're in Adelaide their ex-demo's perfect & cheap. I got a full face helmet for $.80 :eek: & their mechanics are top as well got pretty good humors to tell.