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WA Questions for '84 BMW R65 Resto/Mod

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MrJaiT, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Hiya if u haven't seem my thread already then I'll recap real quick, I'm currently working on restoring & modernising a 1984 BMW R65 as my first bike that I bought for my 21st birthday present to myself because everybody should have something to remember their 21st by.

    anyway onto my legal questions as I haven't had the best of luck figuring them out myself & I was hoping some of the riders around here also doubled as legal eagles

    for anyone else reading this thread that does not have a pre '84 bike please note that some laws may not be applicable to ur situation & may in fact be different all together

    1. are motorcycles in WA required to have separate housing for brake lights & rear directional's a.k.a indicators, turn signals

    2. are front directional's a.k.a indicators, turn signals located at the bar end of the handlebars legal ?

    3. what are the respective distances that front & rear
    directional's a.k.a indicators, turn signals must be to be legal

    4. would a recessed LED brake light strip be legal
  2. Check the Australian design rules for anything to do with brake lights/indicators etc.
    Also check the bmw club websites as they are a wealth of knowledge in these matters.
  3. Check the ADR's but from memory indicators need to be min 180mm part and min. 75mm from you head light. They must be min 320mm off the ground.

    Combined tail light brake lights are not compliant, but the taillight and indicators can all be connected as on unit.

    The indicators must be visible from a distance of 30m

    I can't see any thing with bar mounted lights as I had a cruiser stock from factor with the indicators hanging off the switch housings.
  4. Your bike needs to comply with the 2nd Edition ADRs which are much less stringent than the 3rd Edition. They're available from the Dotars website. However, they don't have any provision in them that is applicable to motorcycle indicators so you need to look at the Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Rules 2002 Rules 95-98.

    So bar end blinkers are fine as long as they meet the requirements laid down in the Rules.

    Brake lights are also not covered by the 2nd Ed ADRs so you're back to the VSRs. This time it's Rules 92-93. As long as your LED strip meets the requirements laid down there, you're good to go.

    To be sure that there are no problems with the rego authorities, I would recommend using lamps that carry an "E" Mark. Back when I worked there, this was taken as evidence that a lamp so marked complied as far as size and brightness were concerned.
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  5. good idea Smee, I shall do that

    thank u good sir, that information will be put to good use

    "95 . Direction indicator lights on motor vehicles

    (2) A motor vehicle with less than 4 wheels that was built after June 1975 must have —
    (a) a pair of direction indicator lights fitted on or towards its front that face forwards; and
    (b) a pair of direction indicator lights fitted on or towards its rear that face backwards.
    (3) A motor vehicle that is not required to have direction indicator lights may have —
    (a) one or more pairs of direction indicator lights that are visible from both the front and rear of the vehicle; or
    (b) both —
    (i) a pair of direction indicator lights fitted on or towards its front that face forwards; and

    (ii) a pair of direction indicator lights fitted on or towards its rear that face backwards."
    carry by these set of regulations it should be perfectly adequate to have this: mblaze_ice_fazer_an_rechts_09_800. type of indicator installed for the forward facing directional's a.k.a indicators, turn signals as a pleasant bonus it is marked "E" for signal approval

    as far as the rear brake lights & indicators are concerned I think I should provide a picture to help as they are kinda one in the same rather then being in the same housing: BLACK_DUO. with these nifty little indicators providing both the brake & rear indicator lights
  6. perhaps u could be of some assistance in this legal confusion

  7. Australian Design Rule 53.

    No standards on distance of indicators from bike.

    Bottom of indicators must not be lower than 350mm from the ground.
    Top of the indicator lights must not be higher than 1200mm from the

    Front Indicators: Min distance of 240mm b/w indicators & 75mm
    between headlight & indicators

    Rear Indicators: Min distance of 180mm b/w indicators

    A direction indicator must, when operating, display regular flashes of light
    at least 45 and not more than 120 flashes a minute.

    Operating indicators must be visible from at least 30m from front & rear
    of bike.

    You should be alright if you have two of those lights on the back min. 180mm apart. Danny is the person you'd speak to.


  8. greatly informative post Justus & thank u for taking the time to riffle through the ADR's & also for the recommending @danny_tb to help with this, my main concern is the bar end indicators as I haven't heard of them in Australia or been able to establish their legality via Google or the Department of Transport (they really have no idea about anything do they ?)
  9. Jonny Ostojic from WA, is a mechanical engineer, and his business MuzaMoto sells them.


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