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Questions concerning a used bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TallRider, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this should be in technical forum but since I'm a new rider I have posted here.

    I'm looking at a GT250r with 19000k, I've already had a look at it but it was night time so have decided to go back on the weekend before making an offer. I checked over it as best I can and it seems pretty good though it has 2 problems I'm not sure how concerned I should be with them.

    1. The fuel gauge is faulty and doesn't give an accurate reading. Is this more of a nuance then real problem?

    2. Apparently its hard to find neutral while engine is running, will test this better when I test ride it again as I only found out when I got back from short ride around the block. Again is this more of a nuance then real problem? As it seemed to change gears smoothly while riding.

    Thanks for any help
  2. i had a hyo gt250r, and neut was always hard to find, common fault on the bikes, same as fuel gauge. if they're the only things wrong with it, sounds good to me.

    hyo's are hated around here. but mine did me fine, not a problem.
  3. Fuel gauge is a complete wad of sh!t. Once the trip computer gets to 400 you know you haven't got too long to fill up.

    As for the neutral thing, it's a 'fault' of the bike. Piece of pie to find it when it's rolling to a stop, a gentle knock from second will keep you happy. Finding it when you're stopped at the lights is a different story. Theres been a couple of times when I've caught my friend laughing at me in my mirror when I was looking for neutral at those long sets of lights. Something about looking like I was having a seizure. Knocking it back to first can be a bit of an effort from neutral if you have the clutch pulled all the way in, it normally doesn't engage unless it's pulled in just past the friction point.

    Also, before the jap brigade comes in, I'll point out that given the km on the bike it's probably a pre 07 model, just check that all the recalls etc have been fixed under warranty, or it could end up being complete pain in the arse shortly after you get it.
  4. Alot of ninja 250rs suffer from a similar fuel gauge problem too where Full is only really about 12L (of the 17L tank). No biggie.
  5. Once it makes it into your driveway you wouldn't give two shits if it only had one wheel. These aren't the problems you should be worried about
  6. Why hello there ashleey **********
  7. The gauge sometimes starts working if you tap it. Then again, sometimes it doesn't. Its korean. I just ignored it and used the trip meter.

    I could never ever find neutral on the GT250 I spent some quite time on. However the clutch cable was too tight and dragged slightly. Try loosening it.
  8. 400kms... i must have a strong right wrist! at most I'd expect to fill around 300 with 350 being a stretch. No problem finding neutral on my bike, it can get a little hard to find if its due an oil change.
  9. Fuel guages are a common problem although the one on my 650 is damn near spot on. As has been suggested just use the trip meter much more acurate, you'll get to know how far you can go depending on how hard your doing it :wink:

    As for neutral, mine was a pain in the bottom until I switch to semi synthetic oil, Mobile synth 2000 10w 40 to be exact. I know this is a very controversial subject, but imo, it made the box 10 times smoother, and neutral a great deal easier to find. Neutral can be tricky at times but Im so used to it now it dont really notice. You get used to finding it. Helps if you select just before you come to a stop. If your already stopped pushing the bike forward even half an inch while applying pressure and it slips straight in. A lot easier to do this from 2nd to 'N' rather than from 1st to 'N'.

    Hope that helps you!
  10. Yeah, my gauge would start blinking around the 400 km mark so usually went to fill it up at that point.

    As for neutral, mine found it easily except for once when it was cold. I started it and took off straight away on a cold day. I didn't do that again because the gear changes were difficult (compared to normal) and finding neutral was difficult. However, it was fine when warmed up.

    I'm no ace but from what CBR125R riders wrote in the past, it may be that a clutch cable adjustment is all that's needed. Not being able to easily find neutral for a newish bike is something I wouldn't simply accept as a common fault like others seem to have.
  11. Cheers guys, thats what I had figured but just wasn't sure.
  12. To be fair I've never willingly pushed it that far, the 400 mark would always seem to wind up halfway to work and I wasn't particularly too keen to test it there and then. Filling it up at ~360km and doing the maths says 17L would comfortably put me over the 410 mark.

    Light starts blinking anywhere between 280 and 320 depending on it's mood though.
  13. i got 397 at christmas before dry, though that was a mix of dirt highway and spirited riding.
  14. Wow those 250's are heaps better on fuel ecconomy. I get about 320 MAX, riding like a girl mostly highway.

    City/hill going for it about 250.

    Ah well, still cheaper than the XR8.
  15. Well I purchased the bike. When I turned up he had just ridden it so was a bit uncertain. I managed to stall the bike and it wouldn't start as the battery was flat (He claimed that it was because it hadn't been ridden in months other then the first time I test rode it a few days before). I let him recharge it and came back later took it for another ride was happy so knocked some more off what I planned to offer as the battery could need replacing. Took it home. Started fine the next day cold so hopefully it just need to be charged.

    As to the clutch when my lighter mate sat on it on a flat surface it had an every so slight pull with the clutch all the way in, so hopefully an adjustment will fix the neutral problem.

    The guy I purchased it from didn't even look at my license till sale time and that was only because I needed to check my license number :shock:
  16. Why would he give a shit about whether you're licensed or not?
  17. Congrats TallRider and good luck with the bike!

    Safe riding.