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Questions about tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sparz, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    Currently i have Dunlop Arrowmax tyres on my gpx250r. My front one is worn out, although the last owner bought the rear tyre - so it has lots of tread left. I was thinking of buying 2 new tyres.

    The bike is mostly for mountain rides, as well as weekday riding around (not for commuting - just for fun).

    Could you please recommend me some nice brands and tyres that would suit me? Iv tried searching the forums and it seems like Michelin Pilot Power are a good choice, although i have no idea on prices, and what would be overkill for a 250cc.. I would like some tyres that are grippy enough to work around the mountains, but also last me a decent amount of kilometres. I was thinking of the Michelin Pilot Road, or the Bridgestone bt-021? Really depends on pricing

    Also, please hit me up with some recommendations of websites or shops that sell tyres fairly cheap in the Brisbane area. Or even a site to show some prices - cant seem to find a website that shows costs of tyres :(

  2. yeah thanks, i saw that. Although i cant find websites with prices =\

    I just dont wanna get ripped off like i did with my protective clothing... just wanted to 'shop around' first
  3. Pick up a phone and call a few bike shops. Just make sure you ask for the fitted price.

    Best way to get prices. I can tell you that at pro kawasaki will charge around $600 for pilot power 2's fitted, which is about normal from that other prices I have been given before.
    Don't have exacts as I wont be getting them for a little bit
  4. Go to the ninja250r site for lots of discussion on tyres... then stop being a lazy arse and ring around.

    Kids these days!
  5. I think the Bridgestone BT45's are the go for 250's
  6. thanks port.
  7. i ran BT45's on my 250, they were great.

    oh and anything is better than the dunlop arrowmax. they were terrible!
  8. Woah! I paid $470 (only took the rims in though) for road 2's.
  9. I wasn't to sure on the pricing. The tyres themselves were close to the $600 mark.
    It was for the 2ct's I mucked the up in my post - don't know if it makes just difference on the price.

    Fitting was quoted at $25 a wheel.
  10. $600??? Wow, that's rich.

    I took the loose rear rim in and had the front one fitted a couple of days earlier. PP's for $450!!
  11. Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres

    37 Moss St
    Slacks Creek QLD 4127

    (07) 3290 0588‎
  12. Bridgestone BT-45s are what you want. More than capable for a fang around the twisties and will last longer than the stock Dunlops. Last year before the Australian dollar went south they cost me $340 for the pair fitted.
  13. BT-45s are duel compound, hard in middle for good long distance, soft on edges for grip. My problem: I'm wearing them out faster on the edges than on the middle (too much hard cornering), so I can see the difference between the hard compound in the middle and the soft edges (there is a definite raised edge between the two compounds). I don't do enough long distance, so will have to try and find other ways to wear out the middle strip down to the level of the edges.

    But anyway, they are good tyres for a 250 much better than arrowmax. your alternative for stickiness is Dunlop Alpha GPR10
  14. It's called the traffic light grand prix! :p