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Questions about tyres and tubes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kernel, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm trying to order new tyres from rocky mountain ATV for my DR650. Because of the type of wheels I have (spoked), I think I have to run tubes in my tyres.

    So I've got a couple of tyres in my cart, a 120/90-17 Tube Type Dunlop D404 and a Bridgestone Battlax BT45. Are these tyres any good?
    I'm on the tyre tube pages on the rocky mountain site at http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/t...tle=Tires+and+Wheels&webTypeId=144&webCatId=8 , and I go to search by tyre tube size. There is no 120/90-17 tube size and there is no 90/90-21 tube size either - it seems as though tube sizes are different to tyre sizes, so what size tubes do I need for the tyres that I have in my cart?

    The Dunlop D404 is advertised as being a front tyre, but is it OK to put this on my rear wheel given that it is the correct size for the wheel?

    What is the difference between 120/90-17 and 120/90x17?

  2. front tube - 3.00/3.25-21

    rear tube - 4.00/5.10-17

    No comments on tyres.. I'm still trying different ones on my DR

    no difference between 120/90-17 and 120/90X17
  3. thanks matie
    edit: grr they do not have these sizes - i will just plug my bike into the models that this tube fits thing and trust the size that they give me since I am ordering the same size tyres as stock
    edit: well every time I do this it only comes up with the size for the front wheel, I will keep trying
    yaa edit: Hmm, I don't suppose I can just reuse the tubes that I already have in my tyres right now? They are in good shape with a little over 10,000KM on them, or is this a bad idea?
  4. Tubes can be reused as long as they are around the same size as the new tyres.Useing a front tyre on the rear is generally not a good idear.
  5. if the tubes aint leaking dont change em. i wouldnt run a d404, they are a hardley tyre and would suck a fair bit on the dr.

    why not a set of distanzias, they have the right sizes.
  6. Tubes can be reused repeatedly. Doesn't hurt to have spares though, as long as you keep them somewhere cool and dark.

    Why are you going with such a weird tyre combo? Why not just go BT045 on both ends, as Bridgestone do them in the right sizes? I've just been quoted a pair of Pirelli Scorpion Trails (the road oriented jobbies) fitted and balanced for $240. That's about what a pair of Ebay tyres would cost me and then I'd still have to fit them which, on the back of the DR, is an experience I'd rather not repeat too often.
  7. I've got the scorpions on my DRZ400 and theyve been good..
  8. the d404 is a really really bad tyre. not good at anything.

    if you're only riding on the road. metzeller lazertec. nothing better. awesome in the wet too.
    battlax bt45 good tyres. maybe a battlax on the rear and the lazertec on the front, if budget conscious.

    if you're likey to do light trails as well as road riding metzeler sahara.

    theres also a dual puropse bridgestone that's quite ok. was probably the tyre the bike was fitted with stock when new. can't remember the name. trail wing or something. just they wear down fast.

    i don't think you want a 120 on the rear. is'nt the dr6fiddy 110 rear ?
    if you go wider than standard, the rim will likely fit it but the handling will be worse of for it, cornering too. you'd actually end up with a smaller contact patch and a pointier tyre profile.

    you should just go and see Pablos. lots of bloke use those bikes for courier work and he fits them out with road tyres, economic but competant
  9. Trailwings are standard on the DR. They can't be that awful 'cos I'm still using them after 35,000 kms with no nasty moments but they're not really confidence inspiring in the wet. Rear goes ~12,000, front maybe 20,000.

    I'd have changed to something better sooner but could never bring myself to chuck the partly worn tyre of the pair so I could keep a matching set. Now that the rear's only just legal, the front's getting down there and I've got a little discretionary income seems like a good time :D.

    130/80-17. Given there's a fair bit of choice in that size, I wouldn't bother mucking about with anything else.
  10. The only answer you ever need to know kernel is "42" remember this and the rest of your life will fall into place ;)
  11. Metzler Karoo also gets good mentions for dual purpose ability.
  12. The day I see a bike on the road with 42 inch rims will be the last day I ever ride on the road again :p
    I don't have a lot of $$, trying to do this on a budget but not skimp toooo much cause these are the only thing sticking my bike to the road... Looking to spend between 200 and 300 total cost (incl shipping and fitting), so I may go with your previous option.
    I want dual purposes because I do enjoy the occasional gravel road and bush bashing session, but I ride mainly street so they wear down too quickly.
    I may just go and give pablos a visit and see if they can do it for me in my budget.
    I was going to go for a pair of Avon Roadriders initially, they seem like a good tyre, just under 250 US delivered to my door, I may still do this if pablos can't give me a decent pair of tyres in my budget and get them fitted by 60 degrees.
  13. he's the man, knows his stuff.
    could call him and see what he recommends, get a quote
  14. You do realize what I gave you don't you?...Many men have wasted many a lifetime looking for that answer....
  15. i will do that
  16. Probably a bit young for that reference....

    I'm sure there's a few of us that had a chuckle though

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  17. DR650 rear is either 120 or 130 (both work)
  18. If I can get a matching pair of decent tyres, here in Perth, for $240 fitted, I would be very surprised if you can't get something similar cheaper in the East.

    I really can't see much justification for arsing about buying dodgy combinations mail order, which you still have to fit (not a fun job on the DR rear 'cos it's got a safety rim), given your budget.

    If you had less than a ton to spend, that's different. Been there, done that. But as your budget allows you to get something decent and avoid the effort, I'd advise doing so.
  19. wont last real long though.