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Questions about SP1 Glove and SMX-5 Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by alex92, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    1) Do you wear the same size SP1 glove as SP2? I wear an XL SP2 so wondering if I'm the same in SP1 (im ordering from US and none of my local shops stokc the SP1).

    2) Are the SP1 gloves more comfortable than SP2?

    3) I'm used to wearing casual shoes that you can bend in half forwards or backwards so it will take some getting used to to wear stiff riding boots. Are the SMX-5 boots comfortable for walking around in for half a day?

    4) Do you guys like blue or white boots better? :) With camo draggin jeans and a blue aStars jacket :) Im thinking white will get dirty pretty quick huh?

    Cheers guys

  2. I have a pair of SP1 glove and i hate them, never tried on the sp2 so can't compare

    I have the smx-4 and they are super comfy, I tried on the smx-5 (smx-4 replacement) recently and they are not as comfy so I've decided to throw some more cash in and ger the A* supertech r
  3. With regards to boot colouring - Only get a specific colour if you have other gear to match it. (which I see you do..)

    Black/white and grey will suit anything as long the contrast isn't outrageous
    Personally I reckon get black ones, or if you can find a half white, half black that'd be even better.
    Those are extremely white though.. it'd be a crime against nature to wear them anywhere outside a laboratory clean room. :p
  4. I would say no. I have the SMX-2 (the low cut version of SMX-4 which was replaced by SMX-5) and I wouldn't wear it to walk around for half a day.
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  6. I've just come back to say hells yes get the Vertigos :)

    And now sleep (y)
  7. Hmmm, half a day i start to get cramps in the smx5's. Sole is a bit too rigid if walking around a lot.
  8. I have the SMX4's and they are really comfy for a motorcycle boot, granted I havn't worn any others, however from all reviews give the Supertechs a huge wrap.

    As for white boots, don't do it!