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Questions about leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, May 5, 2005.

  1. As a newb I have some questions about leathers.

    What sort of price do leathers go for?
    What's a resonable brand, that's middle of the road, not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive?
    Is it better to go for a one piece suit or a jacket and pants that zip up around the waist?
    What are the advantages of a suit versus pants/jacket (besides the obvious of being able to get on/take off easier)?
    Is there a price difference between one piece and pants/jacket?
    Is wet weather gear required over the top?
    If it is, is it just ordinary wet weather gear?
    How do you care for the leathers? Is washing, hosing down required at some point?
  2. Hey Nodz - try looking at "R-Jays" leathers. they're probably the best of the cheapest if you know what I mean.

    One peice will stay together better when (if) you slide down the road. Zips apparently bust open.... But it's better than shorts and a t-shirt! But a one peice is a little less practical at times.

    I imagine that one peice is more expensive simply because I don't think the cheaper brands do one peice.... But most cheaper brands do matching jacket/pants.

    You don't really have to do TOO much to care for them.... Cows are waterproof, so you don't need to wear wets over the top, but treating your leather gear with Snoseal or Nikwax will stop water absorbing into the leather, which in turn can make it crack when it dries.(don't use dubbin - it has chemicals that attack cotton stitching. Great for horse saddles!) Wipe off any mud...and that's really about it!!
  3. Everyone that I spoke to said that leathe ris NOT waterproof. so you would need something over the top - but that could be simple light weight stuff.

    When I was looking I liked the idea of have them made for me as I am tall and thin. Its always hard finding a proper fit.
    Mars leathers is where I would have gone for that but I ended up going with dririder gear for my first outfit.
  4. Man, I live in the tropics and have ridden through MANY a wet season!! Trust me - leather IS waterproof!!
  5. I bought 2 piece leathers from Torrini some years ago
    and they have been down the road twice since...
    and are still usable!

    The Torrini leathers?
    They are at the cheaper end of the price range
    but suffice for track days or reefton runs
    They have armour..a must
    lotsa pockets and zip together and are comfy

    They are NOT waterproof (no leather is) and they get Snosealed
    every few years but if its chucking it down when I go out
    I have an RJays 1piece suit that goes over the top (and I stay dry)

    Other than the snoseal, the leathers get a wipe over with warm soapy
    water to get rid of the bugs and dust after a long day
    and then hung up to air.... (very important)


  6. It's waterproof to a point then it gets heavy and waterlogged. Always let the gear dry naturally and slowly, don't try sticking them in front of a heater.

    Got an Rjays jacket for ~$200.00 and TigerAngel pants for $600. You get what you pay for. It'll pay you to go to stores and try stuff on.

    One or two piece is largely style and function. Choose what suits YOU the best. One piece are more for track style riding and two piece suits are your all-rounder general purpose jobbies. Two piece suits are arguably easier to get on and off and usually have more pockets.
  7. Live cows are waterproof.

    Dead cows tend to require a little something to stop them falling apart.

  8. ?Wha....!? You been lickin' them Cane Toads again?
    There is NO WAY ordinary leather is waterproof. You can make it resistant to absorbtion (but not "proof") with Nik Wax or Sno Seal, but it WILL get in if it's heavy.
    A couple of manufacturers market a specially treated product that will keep out a lot of water (for a while). Tiger Angel's Guardian Series for example.
    Most riders in full leathers use a full rain suit, but these usually seem to leak a bit as well.
    As far as good cheap gear, have a look at Underdog, in the links section.
    There are widely varying prices in the bike shops, but to some extent you get what you pay for (although the Italian stuff, which apart from being very good, has a significant premium for style).
  9. btw
    two piece suits also let you chop and chose
    If riding in very cold climates (it snowed up Reefton one ride :shock: )
    I swap the leather jacket for a DriRider (with extra quilted inner liner)
    and wear pantyhose under the leather pants....
    warm and dry at the same time 8)

  10. Nodz, the leathers I was wearing on Sunday are Tiger Angel. I had them made for me cos there is no way I can buy gear off the rack. They fit me perfectly....down to the placement of the armour in the knees and elbows, which is really important both for safety and comfort. I bought 2 piece leathers as they are FAR more practical for the sort of riding I do. If I was doing trackdays every weekend, I would've bought 1 piece, but I like the flexibility of being able to wear the jacket with jeans in summer (I reckon it looks MUCH nicer than my daggy DriRider!! :oops: :p ).

    Me being me, I have only ever wiped them down to get the bits of bugs, etc off, but have never given them any other treatment and they look fine and haven't let water in (yet!) I do take my Rivet rainsuit with me if its going to rain, but only put it on if its going to be really heavy or prolonged rain. I've never had my rainsuit leak, but I do find that unless I have a backpack on, the parachute effect gets really tiring after a while :evil: .

    :D :D :D
  11. About $800 for a full set of good quality leathers, up to around $2000 for a top quality.


    I prefer the latter, but to each their own.

    As a % of the total price, not enough to worry about it. Maybe $20-$40 more for a two piece.

    If riding through more than a 5min shower, yes. Even then they will still absorb some water and require airing to dry.

    Light raincoat style 1 or 2 piece oversuit is all thats required since you already have warm and protection from the leathers.

    Brush clean with warm soapy water. Apply leather conditioner after each clean (or water soaking) at least every 6 mths.
  12. I still have to buy leather jacket... but pants were the first thing I bought... from MARS... DriRider jackets last me about 2 years (every day use) and my pants... well 8 years so far... never had to clean any of my gear just the helmet... Wet wether gear I get form work... it is bright yellow and it is realy bad :( so I would sugest staing away form Gortex wet weather stuff...
  13. Gortex is guarenteed to keep you dry, according to their blurb. I have a couple of pieces of Gortex clothing and I have not got wet in it yet. Thank includes 8 hours non stop except for fuel and food from Canberra to Melbourne in pouring rain.
    I heartily endorse Gortex clothing to anybody.
  14. how old is your Gortex?? coz mine was fine in the first year... than it lost all it's water repaling ability :( it still works fine on days like today.. but any thing heavier and I'm wet...
  15. I have had my Tiger Angel Gortex Jacket since 1996 still waterproof. I wash it according to the instructions printed inside, as you are meant to do with Gortex, and have not had a problem. I have a Gortex jacket I use for mountain biking and that is even older and still waterproof. Again I wash regularly according to instructions.
    Warm wash with light powder then dry in the clothes dryer on warm setting. About once every two years I apply a water beading substance to the outside, but it is not necessary to keep the waterproofing done. If yours are leaking they should be returned for checking by the Gortex company. As long as they are genuine gortex.
  16. Full set plain black leathers: $470 from the Queen Vic Market.

    Had em for 4 years & are the best set I've owned. No body armour, etc (if that is what you're after) but they are well padded & extremely comfortable.
  17. They (Valina leather) at Vic market, have got quite a good range, some with armour. Good pricing, but can't comment about crashworthyness.
  18. Leathers aint water proof. Most leathers these days have stretch panels in some areas, and that stuff definately aint waterproof.....

    Peter Steves have a huge range of leathers (just dont tell Matt232 :LOL:).....so does Action on Flemington Rd....Accessoride in South Morang have a bit and Rider Edge in Bell Street also.....
  19. could Aus post been riped off?? (most probably) the gear has gortex tag and apparently a price tag to match... thase wets were so far the longest lasting (3 months to 1 year).. The realy old stuff which is rubber coated cloth (some old postie still use them) so far is the winner... but than you swet in it!!!

    Wet weather gear is one of the bigest isues in the bike world... I think there is no such thing that will keep my ass dry...