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Questions about Buying first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sparz, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, got a few questions:

    Im looking to buy a suzuki gs500e (probably before july 1st). [currently on my RE's - i wont be able to ride it until when LAMS is brought into QLD which is july 1st]

    pretty stupid questions, but here they come

    1. If im looking at 2005/2006 bikes with 5000-15000kms, should i still get a mechanic to take a look at it? Considering i cant legally test ride it, it is probably a good idea - know of any 'mobile mechanics'?

    2. Tied in with the first question - when must people get a road worthy certificate? Only when they register their vehicle, or when they sell it?

    3. Can i get insurance on a bike that i cannot legally ride? (theft insurance)

    4. Are there transport services in qld that could deliver the bike a short distance (gold coast to brisbane - 1 hour drive)

    thanks in advanced

  2. i'm actually planning to do the exact same thing.

    got any friends with a license that could ride it back for you? or a trailer?
  3. 1. Its up to you. I bought my bike 2nd hand with 9000k's on it sight unseen (only saw pictures on the net), the seller was dodgy and didn't tell me about 2 issues i would have otherwise picked up on if i took the bike for a test ride, but i was happy with the overall price i paid for what i got.

    (For the record, the first issue was that the exhaust had been replaced and aligned incorrectly which led to an annoying squeaking sound -> fixed for free eventually. The 2nd was that the bike was advertised as having some minor wear and tear, but i later realised after i bought it that it had clearly been dropped and the plastic bits like the indicators and pegs had been replaced. The scratches on the RHS fairing were quite minor and i can live with it, but it would have been nice if the buyer was more honest).

    So be careful. I was taken for a ride but i'm quite happy with the end result anyway.

    I think there are business's that inspect bikes for a fee and write you a detailed report on the inspection. Google is your friend.

    2. http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/Safety/Road/Motor_vehicle/Safety_certificate/

    3. Probably not.

    4. Again, you would be best off googling this one. :)
  4. 1) It's a good idea to get a mechanic to look at if if you don't know what you're doing.

    2) Get the seller to provide it at sale, you will need it to change the rego into you're - you can put a mechanical check with this. Ask where he is taking it and ask them to give it a once over for you beyond the rwc.

    3) Theft, I think you can, but better call an insurer and find out

    4) There would be but cheapest option to get a friend to ride it for you. Beer is a nice currency.