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Questions about buying a new Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sillygit, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Hey All,
    Based on several recommendations and reading this forum, I think I've decided on a VTR250 for my first bike. Given the price of second hand bikes, I'm leaning toward buying a new bike...

    I was hoping to get a recommendation for a trustworthy Honda Dealership and maybe some tips on price. I'd also be interested in how much I should expect to pay for good body armour (helmet, boots, etc). At the moment I'm roughly budgeting on $10k for the bike, armour and insurance.


    p.s. this is a really great forum. i must have spent about 8 hours over the weekend browsing...
  2. Welcome and stuff :D

    Where are you located? That might help us make a helpful recommendation ;)

    Also, don't set your mind on something without sitting on/test riding as many as possible.
  3. Can't recommend a dealer, you need to fill out your profile. 10k should cover the lot.
  4. location, location, location!!!
  5. Thanks for the welcome... :)

    I'm in Melbourne. It's a good point about setting my mind on something before trying it out. I had basically decided on the VTR250 based on a few trusted recommendations, this forum, it's looks and my size (6 foot 2 inches at about 100Kg). I'll head down to Elizabeth St tomorrow to try a few out...
  6. I've just found the 'Is it normal to offer a test ride on new bikes?' thread which is proving pretty informative. It raises another question; I wouldn't be to keen to ride my brand new bike home from a city dealership (I'd like to get used to it around my place before taking it into the wild). It may sound a bit stupid, but, do dealers offer delivery?
  7. Maybe you could get a friend to ride it home for you? Or hire a bike trailer? Not sure if they deliver or not
  8. Heh, that's good and obvious advice. Thanks... :oops:
  9. trust me the first ride home is hard but not as hard as you think.

    more than willing to protect you from all the evil cages on that fisrt trip home...

    Wise choice.. just picked up my own VTR (second hand) love it to death...
  10. Fella next door had his delivered. Cant see why they wouldnt for a new bike. No harm in asking before you buy it :wink:
  11. Opal had her new VTR delivered by Metro Honda, but if you want someone to follow you, I could be up for that.
  12. Funny story actually. I first learnt, with absolutely no instruction, to ride a manual bike in the Golden Triangle. We hired our bikes from the beautiful but stupidly chaotic streets of Chang Mai then rode (with 20kg packs) into the mountains to Pai. It was possibly one of the stupidest things I've ever done, but damn it was fun. On the up side, bikes out number cars in Chang Mai by about 10 to 1...

    It's all the cages (I'm guessing that means cars) that scare the sh*t out of me...
  13. Oh, and thanks for the offers to escort me home. It will be a few weeks before I organise it all but it's definitely appreciated...
  14. Wouldn't mind heading into the golden triangle on a motorcycle myself - was it just your level of experience that made the trip into the golden triangle a gamble or were the roads/traffic/weather etc also contributing factors ?
  15. It is one of the most amazing places I've seen (second only to the Rockies in BC). The scary part was learning to ride a manual bike in one of the busiest cities of Thailand. Once we left Chang Mai it was a stunning and peaceful ride.
    The roads are pretty good with the exception of a few parts wiped out by mudslides.

    The traffic is almost non-existent. You'll come across an occasional ute with 50 pigs stacked in the back going 5km/h up a near vertical mountain but that's about it...

    You'd want to make sure you go in the dry season (5 months around xmas). The rest of the year it's WET and hot...

    EDIT: Oh, and the occasional military road block. 10 soldier dudes with huge machine guns. Not to worry, they check your passport and were very friendly...
  16. 10k for everything? Sweet talk a dealer and you can get new and still all good gear.

    Or you could lower your budget for bike, get second hand bike, and spend extra cash on gear/next bike.
  17. I know this is slightly off topic but you can pick up an immaculate VTR for $5-6K in contrast its $9000 hard earned $$$ for a new VTR on road you are guaranteed to lose around $3K which will seem fine for the first little while you own the bike until you start seeing the R6s next to you at the lights and tears will appear in your eyes, Even if you can afford the money wouldnt you prefer a 42 inch HD if not PM me and i will give you my address.
  18. Hey Dan,

    There are plenty of decent 2nd hand bikes out there, you just need to do a bit of research. There are currently 13 on trading post online within Vic.

    As for buying a brand new VTR250, the only places I would recommend are Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully, Metro Honda in Ringwood and Redwing Honda in Heidelberg.

    Brand new you would be looking at approx $8,500 onroad for the VTR. If your budget is $10K, that leaves you in a good position to buy good gear.

    This link is for Redbook with pricing details:

    Good luck with it!
  19. Hey Sillygit

    I've been to Chang Mai but didn't make it any further north despite plans to go to Chang Rai etc. I think if I were to two wheel it I would be the type who would want to plan the trip down to the last detail - I don't know if that means a BMW or a piece of crap would therefore be the ideal selection
  20. Thanks for the suggestions guys...

    I had been checking out 2nd hand bikes around the traps. For example, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=35754&highlight=vtr250 and although it's a beautiful looking bike, it's only $1600 less than a brand new shiny one (not that it would be much shinier than the above). This coupled with my complete inability to judge the condition a bike is in leans my toward a new one. Still, I haven't ruled a 2nd hand bike out...