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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gixxersrule, May 26, 2012.

  1. How many people remember this username? lol :angel:

  2. I was not a member of this site until late 2006, however I know the name from the youtube vid.
  3. Answer, I don't.

    Please explain?
  4. lolol the infamous,one and only =D>
  5. If u dont theres no point,its an "in joke" so to speak mate
  6. Oh snap!

    ps, ask Hornet. He'd remember.
  7. If Hornets old timers hasnt kicked in,he'll know exactly who this is lmao
  8. I been riding with you
  9. yep,down the GOR back in 2005 mate :)
  10. Heard all about you...
  11. Hows that hyosung going? I heard it was a bit too fast for you :bannanabutt:
  12. Oh burn...

    Speaking of fast, I hear you had trouble keeping up with pete? Chased him all night...
  13. hahahaha yeah,ironcally enough he's faster than you on yer hyodunger :-s
  14. Fck here we go. You think just because you two have chucked a few laps in the lounge room that makes him fast?
  15. pmsl =D i think the fact he isnt on a hyodunger makes him fast :p
  16. Pedal power doesnt count princess.
  17. Princess?? pmsl!! You love pedal power,obviously so considering the Hyodunger :p *cough*pushed it lately?*cough*
  18. [-( I didnt push hyo.

    It was a lovely day for a walk. Hyo and I shared some quiet time.

    It was my fault muffin not the bike.
  19. lmao yeah you pushed it,you know you did! Regardless of fault,you,hyo,pushy lolol :-({|=
  20. Have you taken up stalking my every post?