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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by deadman, May 4, 2009.

  1. What is the top speed of a 250 Hyosung, Cruising on the Hiway,
    I was riding with one yesterday and the best he could get out of it was 125kph, Has this bike been detuned for Lams,

  2. A 250 wouldn't have to be detuned for LAMS, since it's a 250. So I guess you have the answer to your question - at least under those conditions (rider weight, wind, state of tune, air temperature, etc), the top speed is 125. I would have thought it'd be able to wind up to a little more than that but probably not a whole lot.
  3. Depends on the height of the cliff it's pushed off.

    No, but Hyosung spent a long time getting the detuning just right, so it's a rare mix of excessive fuel consumption and low power.
  4. if i remember correctly its about 170-180kms/hr theres some vids on youtube

    i've had mine bout 125 and still had more in it
  5. Wow, that's disappointing! I know of a 12 year old ZZ-R250 that will do much better! :grin:
  6. :LOL:

    I spent a week or two on a GT250 comet. Reached 120km/h easily enough. I'd wager it would run out at ~140. The bloody thing only has 27hp. Its oil/air cooled and only a 5spd, so you shouldn't expect much.

    You definitely won't be seeing 170km/h.
  7. (you could probably have gone with a slightly more informative thread title, too)
  8. Sounds about right for a big heavy 27 bhp 250 if conditions aren't perfect. It's about what the old CB250N would manage on the same power (whatever their excessively enthusiastic owners might claim with the aid of a ludicrously optimistic speedo and a major dose of wishful thinking).

    Is it run in yet?
  9. For GT250/R, 136 - 149km/h.
    For GV250, 128 - 138.

    Takes a while to get to that sort of speed though.

    Owned both naked and faired in the past when working in Korea. They are great sub-4000 dollar bikes designed for short distance commuting. BTW, that's including VAT and ORCs in Korea.
  10. I've found mine still has something to give at a speedo quoted 111 (which the speed trap outside Geelong says is 107 but my car and Tom Tom say is 101) but I don't know how much more it can give. 125 could well have been the limit for that bike. Like it was written before, they are meant to have 27 hp when new. You can't expect the world from them nor do they deliver it but its not meant to for a learner's/LAMS bike.

    As for fuel consumption, my MY09 Comet with 20% less hp and 15% more weight than the MY06 VTR250 I had uses less juice when ridden about the same way. In real terms, there's not a lot of difference between the two numbers - they're both low.
  11. Plenty of youtube videos of people doing top speed runs on hyosung 250s.

    Anywhere from 130-160 (much like any other multi-cylinder, multi-valve 4-stroke 250) depending on your patience and fairings i would say.
  12. i have seen 160+ indicated GPS altered down to 150 ish.
  13. you must have tuned into a counter-rotating satellite
  14. might of been on a trailer!!! maybe it was on a private downhill stretch of road on the way back from woodend.
  15. top speed of the r version with 70 kilo rider is 163 km/h. flat road and rider tucked away
  16. Being a 250, whether or not the bike will reach its top speed will be heavily dependent on the incline of the road, wind direction, how heavy the rider is, presence of a ventura rack & bag, and the last time you sacrificed a cow to honour the motorcycling gods.
  17. my bike a ninja 250r 2008 model can get up to 170km/h thats with 92 kgs on the back of it and faster down hill :) ,

    a 250 Hyosung kept up with me until we reached 160km/h ,
  18. My first bike (250cc Virago, 21hp) got up to 120klm a few times, did go 130 once downhill but she was working pretty hard. I think for the bike you have, thats about what to expect.
  19. Yeah, indicated - the real speed will be depressingly lower. Best my zzr250 got to was 152.5 on a calibrated speedo (consistantly reached on several occasions). The new ninja has slightly less power but I'm guessing more aerodynamic fairings so its probably very very similar. FYI bike was indicating 180 at 152 real speed.

    Good thing I've got that conveniently located and abandoned landing strip to legally test these things :driver:
  20. Holy sh!t, I had no idea it was that bad. I've always relied on true being 103/4 at 110 indicated. I'm guessing the error grows with speed. I gotta get a GPS ...