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question to you gsxr riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fubarcbr, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. just a quick question to you gsxr riders when you bought your bike did you get the single seat cowl with your bike or do you ahve to buy that seperate like honda because i know yamaha gives you the seat but honda makes you fork out 500 bucks for one cheers

  2. can't add too much here sorry. i just got my '01 not long ago. came with cowl. but not sure if he bought one or came with it. he didn't list it as an extra so maybe came with it? sorry can't help any further than that
  3. Came with the cowl and pillion seat.
  4. Came with cowl, & the front & rear race stands came at a later date.

    All were/are included extra's. :wink:
  5. 1000 had special deal until June 07 , that was Sharp race stands and tie downs. All 07 mods come with cowl and seat, but can only use one at a time, which is a bit of a bore. My Firestorms cowl went over seat, so if you needed to give someone a lift ,just take cowl off,they hold it. With Gixxers theres no options ( and weve already been caught out once ). Cowl looks great but when were out and about, Kate leaves her seat on, you never know if were gonna need to go 2 up.
  6. When you put the cowl on & remove pillion pegs, the Mrs pretty
    much knows bikes these days are now only made for one. :grin:
  7. Cowl, Rear Seat, and Race Stands

    That was a GSXR1000K6
  8. Yamaha dont come with it, you have to pay extra. I did with the new Fz1 anywaz.
  9. 07 GSXR600 came with cowl, and seat
  10. 04 GSXR 750 came with cowl and seat
  11. To what model Honda are you referring? My brand new VFR came with the cowl.
  12. I got the K7 Sharp Race stand deal. It comes with the cowl and rear seat, although they could have kept the rear seat along with the rear pegs as they will never be used. I did not buy a GSXR to carry pillions.
  13. I'll take 'em if you don't want them.
    Unless I have to pay for them of course. :grin:
  14. GSXR750 K6 came with cowl and seat included.

    A mate just bought a 1000rr fireblade and the honda guy said the cowl is a $350 option. Same goes for the trumpy 675.
  15. Sorry, I will be keeping them for when I eventually sell the bike.
  16. Clever thinking.