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Question to all

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kiko, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Hi folks, I guess I'll get right into it. I bought my first bike yesterday (Honda CBR 600 1998) picked it up in the morning and today less than 24 hours later the clutch has broken. Just as I was moving off from a parked position I was changing into second, pulled back on the clucth and somthing snaped. The Clutch is totaly slack now. My question is: I picked up the bike from the shop that was doing the safety cert about 24 hours before the fault, has the shop done somthing wrong in determing that it was safe? Basicly I need to get the bike fixed and im wondering how to go about it, should I take it back to the same shop and expect them to fix it for nothing and have them apoligise to me for letting me go off on the bike? Or does the shop have no obligation to ensure that somthing like this didnt happen. Im pretty clueless when it comes to this as ive only just recently gotten into bikes and I'd be happy for any adivce you could give. If I had been gearing down to take a corner or if I was on the freeway I could be dead now.

    (more info)
    the shop has had the bike for the past month, thye have been waiting on a part (switch Block) from Japan and other than that they said the bike was perfect. For the past month they have been telling us that it would only be a few more day, a few more days. The shop isnt anywhere near where i live and considering the drama involved in getting the bike out of that shop I dont want to bring it back to them unless they have a reason to do right by me now more than another shop.

    I will ask around on other forums and anyone i know who knows anything about it. Thanks in adavance. Let me know if theres any info im leaving out. Oh and sorry if the post isnt in the right spot, i didnt think it belonged in the repair forum cause, well dont relly know much about it.

    P.S this happened in Brisbane if differnt states have different laws on the subject.


  2. I know here in Victoria second hand bikes are not covered by a statutory warranty....unless the shop has offered their own warranty then you may well have to cop it on the chin and move on...

    A good shop would fix it, to avoid bad word of mouth reputation....but they sound dodgy enough as is, stringing you along etc.

    Good luck.
  3. cable clutch?

    if so, there is little that can be done as it is a consumable part.

    also, easily replaced :)
  4. Parts for japanese bikes often take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. It is annoying, but unless the part is in stock in the warehouse in Australia that seems to be about the average time frame.
  5. Suggest you read your paperwork & see if there are any warranties or waivers, also if it mentions that if any or specific mechanical work is required to be carried out by them, or whether an independant repairer can be used.

    Other than that, contact the shop and enquire, they may be quite approachable & helpful.

    It may simply be a "wear and tear" item, something which could not be predicted, however as you purchased it through them, they might be obliging with a discount and a speedy repair or a comprise may be agreed between you.

    If still unsure or not happy, then maybe enquire with the Office of Fair Trading or whatever it is called in Qld for clarification and guidelines in such an event as I am unfamiliar with your state's rules.

    Although disappointing for you, it is better to have happened now in a "safe" situation rather than at some time or place less favourable.
  6. joelridescbr: Yeah i assume it is a cable clutch but what actully went wrong there i duno. I mite just take it apart and see if its anything obvious, only as i said i duno much about it, I'll look around on forums and see if anyone has posted somthing along the lines of replacing the cable, hopefully its straitforward enuf for me to do it.

    ZRX1200R: Yeah I'm aware it takes time but we were told several times that it would be ready "this weekend or the next" the weeks went by and the shop never told us what the real story was.

    nixon-chic V3: Nah theres no warrenty or anything like that, will defentily call the shop just trying to find out where i stand before i call them tommorow.
    Oh and yeah, im very glad it happened where it did, was only a street away from my sisters place and didnt crash despite having no clutch, could of been alot worse.
  7. Warranty or not, if the bike has snapped a clutch cable 24 hours after you bought it, they ought to fix it for you just as a courtesy. (Unless you screwed them down to such a low price that they don't ever want to see you again!)
    Give them a ring and ask them if they will fix it, tell them you'll pay for the part if they'll throw in the labour..... and if not, you'll name them in a national motorcycle forum :LOL:
  8. you dont need a clutch to ride!!
    it only helps you change gears :LOL:
    the cable really IS straightforward to replace, and if you felt a snappy feeling and then the cable went loose thats what it is.
    follow the cable through the bike to find where it connects to your clutch (right hand side of your motor as you sit on it, about 10inches higher than your back brake lever) and you will probably see the broken bit. if not its busted in the clutch lever on your handlebars.

    disclaimer : riding with no clutch can be harmful to your bikes health
  9. In Victoria, even without a wty, a bike sold with rego must had a roadworthy done, this implies that the bike is/will be in a roadworthy condition, under normal use for the duration of the certificate (30days), if they don't want to fix it, I would be telling them that if they don't fix it they will be reported for providing false roadworthies. Most workshops don't want to lose this licence that is a money making machine for them.
  10. As shitty as this is with you just getting the bike etc... just like many parts on a car or bike many things are impossible to find a fault with untill they actually break, in the shops defence and if I was the mechanic or owner of the shop how am I supposed to spot a near broken clutch cable ? If it still operates fine ( and I take it it was or you would have said the clutch feels notchy or something) and there is no obvious frayed cable at either anchor point then the bike is and was road worthy one consilation when you get it fixed will be a hell of a long time before it happens again, I am with hornet though would be good business to meet you half way or give you labour or something to fix the problem ...have you called them and asked ?
  11. Ring the shop and talk to them politely and explain the situation and see how they respond? Due to it being a second hand bike and it is a consumerble part, they probably wont fix it??? but it won't hurt to try and get them to meet U halfway with labour cost...? Good luck...
    Just think it is just a clutch cable...Could of been worse?????
  12. Hmm, it's a second hand vehicle. A wear item failed. I'd probably buy the part and think of all the money I saved not buying new!
    Regards, Andrew.
  13. joelrides is right... first things first follow your clutch cable down to your gearbox... give it a push and if it's loose it's just a clutch cable. $20 and 6/7 minutes, (depending on wether your fairings are in the way), and it'll be fine.
  14. When I went for a roadworthy last month I was told the duration of a certificate is now 14 days.
  15. Spewin, if it's only the cable just buy one and replace.

    Cost you about $20 for a cable [well mine was that] and about 1/2 hour of time. Off you go.

    have fun,
  16. Yep its the cable alrite, changing it seems like a simple procedure so i rekon ill just do it myself. going to look around @ wreakers for a cable cause i dont want to wait the two days it will take to get a new one from honda. Thanks for all your help guys if anyone has any tips for changing the cable im all ears, only thing im worried about is making sure its adjusted properly. Also do i have to take off the clutch lever or anything like that?

    Thanks again guys your help has been very...helpful :D
  17. Go for the new cable champ. You can't tell if a second hand one is about to snap. It's only two days you'll have to wait.

    As for changing it, take photos or take notes about what goes where if your not sure what's going on. Adjusting is easy, give it the same freeplay that you have now and you should be fine.
  18. nah mate dont take the lever off.... undo it from the gearbox so it's slack, then if you look under the lever, it's the same as an acc cable on a car, you twist it to the right spot and it comesout
  19. Fixed it, was not a hard job at all, i cant decide if getting the flarings off was harder or not. Thanks alot for all your help guys, wouldnt of done it without ya's :D