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Question to all

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kiko, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Hi folks, I guess I'll get right into it. I bought my first bike yesterday (Honda CBR 600 1998) picked it up in the morning and today less than 24 hours later the clutch has broken. Just as I was moving off from a parked position I was changing into second, pulled back on the clucth and somthing snaped. The Clutch is totaly slack now. My question is: I picked up the bike from the shop that was doing the safety cert about 24 hours before the fault, has the shop done somthing wrong in determing that it was safe? Basicly I need to get the bike fixed and im wondering how to go about it, should I take it back to the same shop and expect them to fix it for nothing and have them apoligise to me for letting me go off on the bike? Or does the shop have no obligation to ensure that somthing like this didnt happen. Im pretty clueless when it comes to this as ive only just recently gotten into bikes and I'd be happy for any adivce you could give. If I had been gearing down to take a corner or if I was on the freeway I could be dead now.

    (more info)
    the shop has had the bike for the past month, thye have been waiting on a part (switch Block) from Japan and other than that they said the bike was perfect. For the past month they have been telling us that it would only be a few more day, a few more days. The shop isnt anywhere near where i live and considering the drama involved in getting the bike out of that shop I dont want to bring it back to them unless they have a reason to do right by me now more than another shop.

    I will ask around on other forums and anyone i know who knows anything about it. Thanks in adavance. Let me know if theres any info im leaving out. Oh and sorry if the post isnt in the right spot, i didnt think it belonged in the repair forum cause, well dont relly know much about it.

    P.S this happened in brisbane if different states have different laws on it :/