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Question/ Suggestions - first bike options

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bigz8u, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I was just wondering if i could get someone opinion in regards to getting a bike i have done some research and have found the Kawasaki ZXR250 to be the bike I'm interested in, but was thinking if anyone can tell me if this is a good first bike to learn on or should i be getting more of a cruiser type bike as i have been told would be alot easier for turning etc...
  2. my advice would be, learn on what u like, if you prefer the sports style bikes, get 1 and learn on it, if u prefer the cruiser type bike, then same as above, get 1 and learn on that, no use buying a cruiser for learning on then later on buying a sports bike, 2 different types of riding styles on each of the bikes
  3. Does a particular style of bike teach better habits than others?
  4. The ZXR250, FZR250 and Popular CRB250 are all pretty much the same..

    They are fine learner bikes but they are getting old now so make sure you do your research and find the right one.

    They can all do what is required to pass the Ps test and you will learn alot on these bikes.

    Other suggestions for great 250s - VTR250 (cant go wrong) and the new Kawasaki Ninja250R (not as powerful as the above sport bikes but looks great, its new and reliable and a perfect learner if you have the money)

    GOODLUCK mate
  5. Get what you want, f**k the others.
  6. +100000.

    ^^^ That's the best advice ever written on a netrider "what bike should I get" thread.

    Do your research, know what your buying and be happy with your purchase.
  7. dont buy a VTR250. i need them. all. im going though about 1 every 4 months :cool:
  8. As has been suggested, go for what pushes your buttons. Make sure you also consider the LAMS bikes that are available to you.

    Cruiser style bikes have very different dynamics to 'normal' bikes and are not necessarily a good learning tool.
  9. When I was in your situation a year ago, I was told to learn on a cruiser style bike, but I am into the sports bikes, so went with a CBR250RR and it was fine (and fun) to learn on. Being the quickest legal learner bike in Vic did not make me as frustrated waiting to upgrade.
  10. ^^^^^
    haha are you serious? There will be a mint matt black one up for sale in around 10 months. I'm obsessive compulsive so its in better condition than the day it left the factory :p but I will have smacked a hell of a lot of k's on it by then :p

    In relation to the original post - go test ride every 250 you can find. I got a VTR250. I've found it to be more fun than any other 250 out there (save for the 2 strokes) and as noted above, since they are more recent than the CBR, ZZR etc you can pick them up at a reasonable price with next to no kms on them.
  11. At the end of the day, it's all your decision, obviously a bike with a good turning circle is going to be easier to whip around the MOST test but realistically if you don't bother learning how to control the thing you're stuffed no matter what you ride.

    If you're interested in something manouverable with a good turning circle, get a road/trail.

    They look like crap, they're not very quick but they are bucketloads of fun. If i could do it all again I would have gotten a filthy trail bike on my restrictions then upgraded to a nice motard.

    That's my 2cents but at the end of the day, if you want to get a sporty lookin thing go for it, you need to love your purchase.
  12. Different test in Vic to NSW. Regardless, you buy a bike to enjoy riding it rather than pass a test on it.
  13. buy my bike!! best learner legal
  14. I reckon it's harder to find a zxr250 cbr250rr etc in good condition than it will be to find a more "sensible" learner bike. Also there's a premium to pay for the sporty lookin inline4s.

    I would've liked one myself but couldn't justify the extra money it would have cost me. In saying that though, if it's really what you want and you're prepared to pay the extra go for it. I'd be really thorough in checking the condition of those bikes though.