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Question - Road Warriors Cafe

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by rossc0, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Guys,

    North or South of the Mount White exit from the F3.


  2. You ride on the OLD Pacific Hwy to get to it :)

    Otherwise there's no point, the food is ordinary anyway.

    --[obviously I'm not sure about your question and don't want you to rely on my guess]--

    Erm... I think it's in those twisty bits. So north?
    (weird - can't find an address for the damn thing)

  3. Wait, wait. You mean there's a road that heads north apart from the Old Pac?!?!

  4. It should be right at the exit if you hang a right.

    But yes, average food, many-a-poser and too much politics.
  5. Yeah it is on the corner of the exit and Ktulu your right on... we'll do a night ride up the old pac when you get your bike back. Nice night riding weather coming up.
  6. Hahaaa, that's exactly how i remember it as well.
    At least the toilets are handy. :roll:
  7. But it's not about the food, or the toilets, its about the brotherhood, the cameraderie the... meh. Who am I kidding??

    If you want to ride up the old road for a feed and a perve at other bikes it's Wollombi Tav all the way...
  8. But their bacon and egg rolls are nice. I like the athmosphere or Road warriors .. casual. And it's a nice meeting place for those longer rides.

  9. More like filthy.

    Roygbiv... Completely off topic, would you happen to be a Boards fan?
  10. take the wisemans ferry rd exit. turn right at the intersection. (left goes towards gosford)

    turn left at the round about.

    at the next major intersection 'calga'

    turn left then left again.

    ride till you find road warriors..


    its north of the mount white exit (not far)
    south of the calga exit (peats ridge rd)
  11. Uhhh.... Probably not cos i don't even know who or what the Boards are! :oops:
  12. i like boards.......if its the boards im thinking about.....Boards of canada ?
  13. Music Has the Right to Children
  14. Head north a little further and you also have Pie in the Sky.....mmmmm pies :)
  15. Surely part of the Road Warrior's charm is its seedy, down-at-heel appearance and general shabbiness? The outside dunnies, complete with odour and flies in summer, only add to the ambience....

    And politics? I've not heard anyone politicing there. Although I was approcahed by a guy last year who's going to collaborate with me in writing a book about road-racing in the 70s.....
  16. Max the owner is a great guy ,one of our riders bike fellow over in the car park and broke a clutch lever.

    No problem Max said ,made a few calls ,got the best price and gave us direction to pick it up.
    We took it back and he showed us how to put it on and gave us a lesson on how to adjust the clutch cable.

    Take about service.
  17. Indeedily doodly. On the warp label. Roygbiv is a titled tune that is quite catchy. :)
  18. I have seen a photo of the Defence Minister at Road Warriors with the president of the MCC. He wasn't driving an election bandwagon though.
  19. Pie in the Sky is south of Road Warriors.