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Question regarding a few shows on foxtel.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, May 14, 2012.

  1. Now before i ask the question, i know i can watch them online i just choose not to.

    I've searched google and i always seem to get the release dates for the shows in the USA... doesn't matter if i type Australia or not.

    I'm after the release date for 2 shows i watch on foxtel.. Deadliest catch and American chopper snr vs jr, the sequel to american chopper.

    i've watched them since both shows first aired a few years ago.. Deadliest catch is up to season 8 in the usa, which started a month ago.. and american chopper, we are half way through season 3 here.. before it stopped and they're now playing some specials..

    I've searched google, and i all i can find is when it started in the usa, and as for american chopper.. just dates the new episodes are on there.

    Has anyone got a website or any idea where i find out when they re-start here in australia?
  2. Going by the TV guide on their website.


    Thursday, May 17th @ 6:30pm

    Not sure about Deadliest Catch, can't see anything about season 8 on their TV guide.

    ah nvm, you said you're half way through American Chopper: Senior vs Junior.
  3. download them and watch on your tv instead of watching online? Or is that not your bag?
  4. yeah i looked on foxtels tv guide.. nothing there yet.

    What i'm saying is on foxtel Australia is halfway through season 3.. and then all of a sudden they're showing some "specials" and then there's repeats of older episodes.. when is the new episodes starting again, apart from the specials.. which are new.

    And deadliest catch season 8 started in april in america.. so i'm after a release date for australian tv.. and i can't find it anywhere.

    And 87crisis.. it would be easier.. but id prefer to just have a date as to when it starts on tv.. i could watch it online or download it but thats not really what i'm after.

    I only do that for new release movies.. rather than tv shows.