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Question re: scooters and where you can ride.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by EclipseoftheDarkSun, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Hi there. Just wondering whether they'd be problems if I did the following? Due to my parents being dubious about going above 60kph on a scooter/bike, due to the dangers of being creamed, through taking unnecessary chances or cagers being impatient, I'm going to be limited to a 50cc - yeah I know I'm over 30 and can 'make my own decisions'. But I'm going to be staying at their place while I do my honours year in applied science, in order to cut down expenses like rent and devote more time to honours by being able to work less. They think it's a good idea to continue working one day a week so I have a backup job should my current plans fall through for some reason.

    I don't want any hassles like disagreements over what size scooter I ride. It seems to be either ride a 50cc or drive a car. So I'm going to test ride a 50 next week and see how happy I am wrt the speed vs a bicycle and being on a 'true road vehicle'.

    Now the real problem - I work at Brisbane Airport International Terminal, so I have to reach work via a stretch of road called Airport Drive which goes 80kph-100kph-70kph, going from one roundabout to the next. Now I know pulling 60kph is going to be a struggle given I weigh 110 kg, let alone sustaining it, and those other speeds are a pipedream.

    Well, atm, I ride my bicycle to work as I currently live close by - I ride on the very shoulder of the road so I don't block the passage of cars coming up behind me. I don't want to be sitting in the middle of even the far left lane, providing a distraction/nuisance at 60kph on a scooter - that seems like madness to me. So what I'm wanting to know is, can I ride the scooter like I ride my bicycle in that section? Because if not, I'm just going to get a damn cheap car for the year. I'd like to survive this year and many more if that's possible.
  2. Don't think about riding a 50cc scooter in a 80 zone, let alone a 100 zone.

    Get a 150/250cc scoot and take the first number off the decals.
  3. Trolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
    If not, Loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Bad idea

    Good idea.
  5. wasn't it answered HERE
  6. I think that's an excellent idea, unless your parents are well informed about 2-wheel vehicles they'll never know. Then again, if they had a clue they'd realise what they want you to do is actually going to put you at more risk than getting something that would keep up with traffic...

    As for your actual question, I believe there are no road rules aimed specifically at scooters; if it's not OK to drive other vehicles there, it's not OK for scooters either. I have a feeling laws frown upon vehicles using shoulder of the road, but I must admit it's been a while since I studied the road rules :)
  7. If it's a given that you're going to ride that road, in any fashion, and that you won't ride more than a 50cc scooter, your choices are:

    1) Get a car.

    2)Get the scooter and be dead or very seriously injured very soon.

    Either listen to what experienced riders here have to say - a 50cc scooter is unsafe, given your weight, and especially where you want to ride - that's not bias, but experience, speaking (Speaking for myself, I love mopeds!)...either do that, or give up on the idea and get a car. What you're talking about is suicide!

  8. +1 he h ehe

    dude no matter if your going 10kms/hr or 100kms/hr if a car hit you and its going 100kms/hr you are gonna get creamed!!!
  9. Couldn't agree more. I've been both a scooter and bike rider for 20+ years. I wouldn't climb aboard a 50cc scooter -and take it on ANY road with a posted speed limit of greater than 50kph ANYWHERE.
    The advice being posted isn't from sports bike owners who want to see you on something that is able to pop a mono in any gear, just sound advice from fellow riders who have genuine concerns about what you're proposing.
  10. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. At the moment I do ride along the road on its shoulder on my bicycle, so its not like I don't take the risk at the moment. I just don't ride in any of the lanes and try to stay the hell away from them... today though, I found they'd lined the road with concrete barriers, putting me a lot closer to the traffic - wasn't thrilled. I was more wondering if bikes and 50cc scooters are in the same basket when it comes to how they ride on the road - will I get booked by a policeman if they see me riding a 50cc in the manner I ride my bike on that road - Do I have to be in (the middle of) a lane proper? - (not including on the pavement heh).

    I'll still have a look at how the 50cc rides on some back streets and see how I handle 60kph, but its a car or nothing basically from where I'm standing.

    Anyway, I don't think I could fake out my dad with a larger scooter - he has ridden a 50cc before.
  11. No, no it wasn't. I've now realised I was not on the same page as my parents so to speak. Now anything over a 50cc scooter seems ruled out and my question on the road rules in that thread was re: parking of the scooter, not what position on the road I can ride.
  12. Let your parents cool down and relax for a while. Start your honours. When you have a day free, go into the licensing centre and book into do your learners. Then take some lessons whenever you can - no matter if it takes you a while. Then when the time comes you will be ready to go for your bike license.

    Option 2 is - get bike/scooter, then when parents complain, tell them to get a teaspoon of cement and harden up.
  13. A 50cc scooter is more dangerous than a 250 on the road. Going 60kph is utterly stupid on the road and you will get f#&*ed up real quick.

    If you really want to ride a motorcycle go do it. Get off your ass, get your learners permit, then get a bike and gear.

    You are 30. It is time you man up and live your own life.

    I know everyone agrees here agrees with that.
  14. Yeah. Thanks for the 'man up' advice. I don't need the hassle. :p When its over and I've moved on, then I'll do it.
  15. I'd say grow up and move out too, but you're 33, living at home and still at uni.
    You'll either become a career student or a lecturer, and neither will ever get you out of home. For sure, no one in teh private sector will employ you with that on your resume........
    If you were my kid, we'd move out and not tell you where we went to..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. come on Eclipse, what did you really expect? :grin:

    You've got to admit that irrespective of you going back to study, being 33 and living at home AND having to ask permission to do things is more than just a little strange.

    Yeah honours is hard work. But you certainly CAN work enough to rent a little flat somewhere and live a reasonable life. The fact that you choose to live with your parents is fine and obviously totally your decision, but you gotta expect to cop some flack!
  17. Especially because you are going to obey your parents who probably have no clue about motorcycling at all.
  18. Do not ride it like a bicycle!!!!

    Ride it like a motorcycle, with all the roadcraft that goes with it.

    One of the bits of roadcraft you can use to make things a LOT safer is to ride in the right-wheel track. I see lots of people in scooters riding on the left edge of the road as if they were riding a bicycle, this is dangerous, it lets impatient drivers overtake you in your own lane!

    Book yourself in for a roadcraft course when you get the scoot.
  19. I believe (well used to be) it is legal to ride a 50cc scooter in a bicycle lane.....but agree with others airport drive is not somewhere i would want to be on a under form of transport

    cheers stewy
  20. Thanks, but I'm not soliciting your personal opinion on my life. So mind your own business. I haven't lived at home for more than three months in a row since I was 12. And they expect me out after the year so. :p