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Question on oggy knobs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bee, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys ,

    I'm in need of second or more opinions . Went to Yamaha this arvo to look at my bike that I've ordered in person and was told that because its a new style frame , i wont be able to have oggy knobs put on the bike =/ ???

    a) i wanted to make sure the sales guy know what hes on about
    b ) what are my other options if that's the case or am i screwed if i drop the bike ?

    p.s should mention the type of bike : 2014 r15 v2


  2. You could have a talk to Paul @ Big Knobs.

    He did some custom stuff for my XR400M.

    Really nice guy does all his stuff out of his workshop and he lives just in Belgrave.


    I can bring in some of the sliders I had to Saturday practice if you want to check them out.
  3. The guys that make oggys are in Melbourne. Give 'em a call and ask how long until they have a kit for your model.

    They can be pretty quick. Drop me a line if you can't find their contact details. I have them here somewhere.
  4. Thank you for the recommendation !! Will definitely give him a call . Oh boo , i wont be able to make to any of the practice until end of march ..always at work on Saturdays :(

    Just did some googling , is it under " promoto " ? I think i found their contact details :) Thank you!
  5. +1 for Paul at Big Knobs. He's a really good bloke. The ones he made for my Honda look good and saved a heap of damage in a stationary drop.

  6. That's them. Talk to Frank.
  7. No problem. If you come along to any of the other NetRider group rides let me know and i'll chuck them in my bag.
  8. Will definitely do :) i definitely will try make it to some other rides !

    Pugsly - yay! Will contact them shortly.
  9. Just be careful on where they choose their mounting points! My z750 had a stationary drop and ended up snapping and engine mount which is where the Oggy's mount too! $250 later I replaced the mount myself. Just ask the question when talking about getting custom work done. This is a common thing for the z's apparently.