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Question on NSW dealers and lams bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by meshifty, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am new to netriders and even newer to the riding game. I got my l's course this weekend. I will be looking for a LAMS bike within the next couple of weeks. I have yet to decide if i am going to go used or new bike as both have there pro's and cons. I will be going to a couple of bike yards this weekend after the l's course and was wondering 2 things

    1) Anyone in NSW had any dealings with Red Baron motorcycles at liverpool or sydney city motorcycles at lane cove. Just wondering how the staff is and if anyone has had good/bad experiences with them. Planning to go in and check out the Kawa 650rl and the yamaha fz6r as well as look at any second hand they may have.

    2) Wondering if any of the lams bike have any sort of onboard storage like underseat storage. Not talking about those extra cases you can attach to the rear or side of the bike but actuall onboard like underseat storage. Not looking for anything big , possibly to stick sunnies, or helmet visors and maybe wallet or something while riding.

    Thanks in advance guys

  2. I go past Red Baron quite often and have dropped in on occasions. I always though they were a bit dear on their used bikes though. Speak to Finn as he used Red Baron recently to get his Kawasaki repaired after a minor off regarding their customer service.

    Sydney City Motorcycles at Lane Cove - I've had dealing with them for gear and have spoken at length with the salesmen about bikes (when I was researching upgrades). If you go during the week, they're libel to be reasonably quiet and can give you plenty of their time. Knowledgeable & friendly, well worth the effort, (I was surprised how the salesman recommend bikes/brands that they didn't carry) I'd say even if it is just to research what's available.

    Most LAMS bikes will have adequate underseat storage for sunnies, wallet, keys etc. but not many will have the space to store extra visors. Some of the older LAMs bike could though. A tank bag would probably be a better option (and possibly more secure in the long run) for your items.
  3. just as a random aside....

    the 650RL or FZR are both massively overpriced for what they are... Get a cheapy for your Ls that will get you through your restrictions and save for your "real" bike.

    Also, make sure you shop around. Don't stick to one or two stores. You'll find someone good that wants to sell you a bike :)

    Good luck, keep us posted :D
  4. My LAMS bike (Yamaha XVS650) was originally from Red Baron, bought there new in March last year by the bloke I bought it off. We spoke about it a little and he seemed pretty happy with them.

    I suppose new bike prices will be more or less similar across dealers, whereas used bikes have more variables to consider - how old; how many kms; any damage/wear; accessories; tyre condition; dealer or private sale; etc etc. It then comes down to a judgement call on your part. Dealers probably count on LAMS bikers to be super-keen to get their first bike, so might not bargain as hard coz they're in love with THAT bike and they want it NOW. You also need to consider the style of bike you want, how much cash you can sink into it and if you think you're going to trade up to a bigger bike pretty soon after you get off restrictions.

    My decision was to get a used bike, but it's not too old (2009 model but bought in early 2010). I then had money spare to buy some accessories and reasonable mid-range gear. Mind you, buying a 650 cruiser isn't the cheapest way to do it, you definitely pay more for them than other styles of LAMS bike on the market.
  5. oh, and the XVS650 has a lockable storage compartment on the side rather than under the seat. It has the stock toolkit there and I've added my tyre pressure gauge and puncture repair kit. There isn't much spare space.
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. Those two places are like 20 mins from me so i wanted to walk in and habe a squeeZeeee. Well i did my pre learners on the weekend that jist past and i passed my dkt today so its official i can now rideeeeeee. Wooot to me lol

    Anywayz after i saw a few bike drops by others at the pre learners and one candidate getting intimate with the safety bollards before ompersonating superman, kinda sealed my decision on a 2nd hander instead of a newbieee.

    Im kinda steering away from the cbr250 as that is just a headache to even go into. I think ill settle for the kawa gpx250, zzr-250 or the zx-2r i think its called. All sound like reasonible learners bikes and ive seen em all range between about 2k and 4.5k now i just gotta find somewhere to sit on em to get a true feeling of them
  7. Good underseat storage on the CB400. I keep a puncture repair kit, first aid kit, tool kit, owners manual, cable ties, leatherman, spare fuses, ear plugs, wired a relay, bike pump, and still have a bit of room left over.

    Wallet, keys, phone, wet weather gear, neck warmer, balaclaver, sunnies all go in the tank bag or tailbag for easier access. Second hand seem to go for 7-8K though.
  8. Try bike biz at parra, there's action MC as well and hills motorcycles in castle hill.
    I bought mine at bike biz, sales are alright, accessories/spares are nice n helpfull
    and at castle hill, i went there when i was looking for my bike. Nice helpful people :)

    one thing about the FZ6R is the throttle. make sure you twist it, it'll barely turn.
    but its an easy derestriction.