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question on my fzr 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by melzi77, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. hi im new 2 the site wondering about if i can get any answers, my dam bike is playing up, she runs well, never had a problem since now. it is a fzr250 1990 model.
    carb probs i feel, i know they are a biatch to adjust and set rite, but in first gear it struggles to accelerate, and does it at inconvient times. the power band in first is stange, it's sluggish and then snap it pops into speed! it has had a mjr serivce done on it just 3 weeks ago.
    i dont know if it is the accelerator cable is slack or if the fuel line is jammed and i am getting the fuel i need for the bike.
    any info would help me greatly
    cheers all :grin:

  2. Hi Melzi77 and welcome to Netrider.
    I can start answering your questions here or you can go trawl through the few hundred of threads rather similar to this one over on the FZR250 forums.

    There's a couple of things that need to be checked before you go from there... but a bit of a history on the bike would be good. What was done at the recent major service? How many km's on the bike? Any modifications? (aftermarket pipe, airfilter, etc)

    The hit list of things it sounds like would be the following...

    1. Carbs - sounds like it's bogging down... but does it do it in any other gear at low rpm? Have the float levels been checked? What sort of condition are the needle's and emulsion tubes in? Have the carbs been cleaned recently? Slightly off topic but are you giving it enough throttle from a stand still (what rpm do you usually take off at)?

    2. EXUP valve - check to make sure it's working and not seized, aswell as properly adjusted. An FZR250 with it's EXUP valve wired open (or removed) would have a similar powerband as you described.

    If it's just had a major service... was it playing up before the service? I'd be going back to the place that did the service if it was fine before that.

    About the manuals... the best we have to work with on the FZR250's is indeed the FZR400 manual. For the most part the bikes are extremely similar; it's really only specific part numbers and the occasional setting that will vary. That said, this all depends on if your bike is the 2KR/3LN-1 (twin headlight) or the 3LN-2+ (single headlight) model.
  3. It's nearly definitely a fuelling issue, my brother's 3LN had exactly these symptoms, and after getting the carbs cleaned, then overhauled, then cleaned again, the problem was still there. After spending a heap on it, it started to run better, but there was always a liottle uncertainty with it, so got rid of it.

    The little fzr's are reknowned for this, probably compounded by sitting around for a while with fuel gumming up the carbs.

    All I can recommend is that you get the carbs cleaned, especially the pilot jets and emulsion tubes, as it sounds like the main jets are working fine.
  4. guys thank you for your help. well, i did go back and they re-done the carbs, i know i was told to get rid of it, however lack in funds is my problem. lol. well, it is from stand still postion at the lights, where the take off is sluggish, or sometimes when i am doing less than 10km, ie parking lot.
    yes, my bike is a 3LN - 1 model, i had never had this problem before. they did also clean my carbs, tubes and float chambers, replaced parts etc. it only seems to be bogging down in 1st gear only. thank you so much guys for your responses