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Question on buying a Kawazaki GPX250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Glennb, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. Hi all new to the forum. :D
    I am looking at a GPX250 2000 model, with 20k on the clock. It seems to be in good order and he is asking $4.4k for it. Is this a good price?
    Also is there anything I should look out for in faults/problems with this bike?

  2. IMHO waaaaay to pricey for a GPX250.
    Is it a locally delivered one?
    Is 2000 the compliance date or the deliver date? (again.. is it a local or grey?)

    A mint condition near new GPX250 you might think of paying $4000, but i'd be hesitant about doing so.
  3. glenn, jump on bikesales.com.au and compare some prices for similar machines, that's always a good start.

    A mixture of dealer prices and private sales prices should give you a good ballpark.
  4. I would not pay much more than $3K for a 2000 model. I know 2000 sounds new but in reality it is 5 years old.
    After all, you can get a brand-spanker for $5500 :wink:
  5. Seems steep, Redbook lists $2700 as high average for a private sale.

    At 20K have a good look at tyres, yes the OEM ones will last that long but will have a horrible flat (and pretty bald) patch in the center.

    The cam chain tensioners were a shocking design and would gum up as well as hang up due to pitting.

    That said mine had over 60k on it when the second owner passed it on so a little TLC goes a long way.
  6. Redbook isn't a good indication for pricing on 250, due to the inflated prices we experience down in Vic with restrictions.

    $4.4 is a bit high for a private sale, but is about on the money for a dealer one. That said, you should be able to get them to give you a better offer than that. As Mothra said, check the consumables - you should get new tyres, chain & sprockets, etc at around 20,000km. If these haven't been replaced, factor in the cost of replacing them.
  7. On the money Tenoq, can't argue with the man who owns one.
  8. Do you specifically want a gpx? If not i would recommend the zzr over the gpx. Little bit bigger bike overall. Anyway choice is yours but as all have said make sure its not a grey and check your compliance plate. And yes sadly you will pay top dollar in vic for a second hand 250.
  9. Cheers guys, I was looking at a ZZR but found they were a bit more pricer.
    I was going to offer $3.8k but I will look at maybe offering $3.5k now. There is about 75% tread on the back tyre. As for sprockets and chain I dont think anything has been done.
    This bike is in very good condition.
    Were do I find the built date or compliance plate on the bike, I thought it would of been on the right hand side of the tank??but wasnt there. The Rego said it was a 2000 model but could that just be compliance? and how would I find out if it was imported private or by kawazaki?
  10. zzrs are just heavier
  11. Compliance plate is hard to find on the GPX, and I can't remember where it is on mine. Somewhere near the forks though. Australian models should have a black plate with silver border, and typically the build date and compliance date will be more or less the same.

    Grey imports typically have a plain silver plate, and can have a huge difference between build and compliance date (years). That's the best way to tell, IMHO.

    ZZR is the same bike as the GPX, except it's alloy frame, not steel, 17" wheels, not 16", different brakes... errr, and it's about 8kg heavier, from memory. Engine is the same, however, and yes, they're dearer. They also land on the fairing if you do a stationary drop: the GPX doesn't (unfortunately yes, I DO know).

    If the chain and sprockets haven't been done, they'll need doing soon - $200 worth of parts for you to do, $250-$300 for a dealer to do. Tyre sounds like it was swapped at 15,000km, which is ok, check the front. Service history at all?
  12. Get someone who has owned a GPX or a ZZR to check the bike over before you buy it. They should be able to identify anything wrong with it.
    Theres heaps of little things that can really add up to repair, a quick 5 minute look will identify most of them.

    Theres no shortage of people who have had a GPX or ZZR and you will find they are happy to help you.
  13. Yes they are heavier, only by 8kg mind you. However they are by no means the Same Bike. Basically all they share the same is the engine. Most of the bike is seperate. Here is a quick list of what i know (from aquired knowledge and basing off kwacka website) to be different in the ZZR compared with the GPX:

    *ZZR has a slightly shorter wheel base
    *ZZR has newer suspension with shorter travel
    *ZZR has an aluminium frame as opposed to high-tensile steel
    *ZZR has 17" wheels and a 140/70 Rear as opposed to 130/80
    *ZZR has a seat height 15mm higher :LOL:
    *ZZR is a bigger bike overall
    *ZZR has a different rake angle (26.5 as opposed to 25)
    *ZZR weighs 146kg as opposed to 138kg.
    *ZZR Overall is a newer and slightly more advanced bike.

    They ARE NOT the same bike but they are however similar.

  14. Man I know they're different, I wasnt saying that a ZZR is a GPX with an 8kg weight attached to it , just meant that it is heavier =P

    "ZZR has an aluminium frame as opposed to high-tensile steel "
    You´re just jealous because your precious aluminum cant rust as well!

    But wait, Isnt the seat part of the ZZR supported by a bolted on steel section. ZOMG CONSPIRACY. hehehehe

    (O.O) RIP -
    (> <)
  15. Thanks guys, I had a look at this GPX with 19.6ks on the clock 00 model. Very nice bike but he wouldnt drop it less than $4k :( looked at another but too many Ks and didnt sound as good, few ratles.

  16. blimey
    a new Gpxer 2fiddy is only $5900 (per my local Kwaka dealer)
    do your sums based on that

  17. I Know, But I cant find anything half decent with around 25,000km with for around 3-3.5k.If you know of one pm me. I have seen some around but when you see and here them run you see why its so cheap. :roll:
  18. Got my 2000 GPX250, green , 19,400ks on the clock, Emack condition very happy :D Paid a little more than I wanted too but got him down to $3800(vic) The maket value is $3900 from Insurance. Red book is a bit of a wonder :roll: . And comparing prices and other bikes I looked at it seems that I did ok.
    Cheers all for your help, also were can I get specs/manual for my bike?
  19. Congratulations :D

    Red book is a load of crap, its only purpose for existance is so that dealers can offer stupid prices for tradeins.

    You need the GPZ manual, its the model before the GPX. It covers all the engine stuff which is 95%. Costs about $50 from a Kwaka dealer.
    Theres a supplement manual for the GPX covering the models specific details but you dont need it.
    They didnt bother printing a new manual but made a supplement manual which costs $50 also, makes no sence?

    Also check the forums here, in the US its called "Ninja" not GPX. Same bike.