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question - keith code's $10 analogy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, May 21, 2007.

  1. i've got a copy of Twist of the Wrist 2, but not 1, so i haven't got the entire original description of Keith Code's concept of $10-worth-of-attention on hand. I tried to use this analogy with someone the other day and completely stuffed it :LOL: can someone enlighten me please? [-o<

  2. 2 x $5-worth of attention is also acceptable.

    And don't forget your change if you're paying $20 worth!
  3. There's different aspects of riding. If you have $10 for all of them, if you spend $6 on 1 aspect, you only have $4 for the others. You need to know how to spend the $10 so you spend the $$ on the aspects you need to work on the most and the ones you are good on, you don't have to spend as much on.
  4. :shock: WTF ???? Totally confused now
  5. $10 = 100%

    If I devote $8 (80%) of my attention to straight line speed, I've only got $2 (20%) to devote to cornering...

    If I put $5 (50%) on speed, then I've got $5 (50%) to put into cornering...

    Something like that anyway...
  6. ^^ Or if you spend $4 on milk bottles, $2 on freckles and $3 dollars on jelly babies, that only leaves you $1 for chiccos.... and that sucks :p

    So 'budget' carefully :wink:
  7. As you get better at each discipline they become cheaper, the principle is if you are not able to correct a late entry then you need $9.00 to recover after you have already spent say $4.00 on the braking, throttle control, speed etc. so the priciple is you will crash because you have no money left or have spent everything.

    If you get to improve at each disapline then the cost is less.
    So if you are very good at late entry into a corner and can turn the bike to open a corner effectivily, then this disapline may now only cost you $2.00.

    Hope that sort of helps.
  8. If you fck up it's gonna cost you in multiples of $10 :twisted:

  9. That confused you??? Basically,when riding, concentrate more on the bits you aren't great on (I forget how many aspects keith code exactly states) than you do with the bits you are really good/comfortable with. Don't "waste" your attention with concentrating on bits of riding that you don't need to "really concentrate on" and concentrate on the aspects of riding you aren't maybe as good with as other (aspects).

    If I haven't clarified that enough, might pay for someone else to type out the $10 analogy who doesn't get mass pain from typing like I do, hence my "shortness" of posts.
  10. Who gives a damn what Keith Code says, the guy is a pompous fruitloop, the Deepak Chopra of Motorcycling.

    "Well, I didn’t have an occupation. At the time, my idea toward life was to see how little I could do and basically how much and how many kinds of drugs I could take. I wasn’t doing anything with my life. When I got into Scientology, a lot changed right away. For the first time ever, I saw that there was hope and that was very encouraging. When I received Scientology auditing to handle my drug problem, my life started going up and up and up and hasn’t stopped since.

    Scientology saved my life."

    Keith Code

  11. Evil man, now I'm reading http://www.correctauditing.org/ because of you, google and spare time!
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  13. 5minutes in the sin bin for Inci... that's a personal foul. KC has done a bunch of good for performance motorcycling AFTER he put his life on track. Good on him. He doesn't preach scientology in his courses, so WGAFF what he believes... :)

    Anyway back to Carri....

    ...sorry, have to get the naked whistling thing out of my mind first...


    So where was I...

    Soooo, when you first start riding, all your concentration goes into the basic controls, clutching, gearing, throttle etc etc etc. If the amount of concentration you have is equivalent to $10, then you're probably spending $9.67 on basic controls and the other 33 cents watching out for traffic hazards etc etc.


    After a while, you need less brain power on the basic controls because they're learned and get done automatically, so you can end up indicating, braking, throttle blip and down shifting with about a 20cent spend, leaving lots of brain CPU for all sorts of other things.

    Are you getting the concept Carri?

    It's the main reason CSBS gets you out on the track focusing on one thing only at a time, so that your $10 is mostly spent on the object of the lesson.

    Clear as mud???

    If it'll help, I'll post up the exact paragraph from TOTW1 tonight.


    Rob :)
  14. I am unrepentant! who can take seriously the 'intellect' of a who believes in this http://www.xenu.net/archive/leaflet/xenuleaf.htm and they really do believe this stuff....
  15. OK then... FTR I don't agree with the scientology creed either, but Inci, putting that to one side... what's wrong with the part of KC's intellect that is spent on performance biking? Where is the riding technology suspect?
  16. Nothing I suppose, but I refuse to contribute my hard earned cash to a bunch of wackos by buying his books, knowing that 50% of the earnings go to a dangerous mind control cult who believe aliens came to earth in DC8's....but hey, maybe I'm being too harsh on the sweet man.

  17. ...and now I believe there is an Alien living in my soul.
  18. Cmon Inci, who cares what he believes? He could believe anything he likes for all I care as long as he doesn't try to preach to me. I don't believe in God, does that mean everyone who goes to church has no credibility?

    The discussion here is about a theory on motorcycle riding which happens to be a valid theory, regardless of who's theory it is.
  19. I repeat, "I refuse to contribute my hard earned cash to a bunch of wackos by buying his books, knowing that 50% of the earnings go to a dangerous mind control cult who believe aliens came to earth in DC8's....but hey, maybe I'm being too harsh on the sweet man."