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Question: Is the Honda CB900 HORNET still ok to purchase?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lord_Espos, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi.

    I'm looking to get an every day work commuting bike and I've read reviews on this site that the CB900 Hornet is a great bike.

    It is now being sold in Australia for under $10k and wanted to check with you guys (and girls) what the risks are buying a bike that is no longer in production.

    Will Honda give it the same support and will spare parts be hard to come by?

    Should I spend the extra cash on the CB1000R?? Because I've seen that listed for $18k....

    Your assistance is much appreciated.

    Cheers. :grin:
  2. There are plenty of bikes on our roads that are no longer in production :eek:
    The H9 is a "dutuned" version of the early Fireblade and are considered pretty reliable.
    If we all waited for the next big thing to come out we wouldnt be riding.
    If the H9 does it for you and you think it's good value go get one after test riding a couple of alternatives.
  3. There's plenty around, parts won't be a problem.

    How are you shipping it to Dubai? :p
  4. plus i now believe there are 3 or 4 other small brands that have also begun development of production motorcycles.

    i believe most of them are still concepts but one small japanese brand suzuki has just released this


    Its putting down a solid HP and it costs less to feed it than a regular horse and you dont have to clean up its poo.

    I'm personally saving up my pennies for when they put this futuristic concept bike into production .


    130km/h from an iron horse? far out brussle sprout
  5. I'm going to send my "tea boy" over to Australia to pick it up for me.

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  6. Yeah go for it, parts won't be an issue.
  7. Bloody hell mate, you're not buying a Rudge...

    Parts are everywhere.
  8. But for the $10,000 are you getting value for money?

    Are there any other comparable bikes in that range that I should be test riding?
  9. There's other bikes around, sure.

    I'd buy another Hornet 9 anyday. 10 grand is a frickin' steal, they do everything. Awesome machines.
  10. Except handle on the track or go really fast.
  11. Faster than mine!
  12. the 900 Hornet will always be a good buy....
  13. They're not a race bike, yeah, but you'd be bonkers to buy a H9 for racing. As an all-rounder with a round-town focus they have to be one of the best propositions going around.
  14. +1

    read the OP's requirements, please :roll:

    I'm looking to get an every day work commuting bike
  15. Nah, that's bullshit Hornet, he needs something that puts out 150bhp, can't handle in traffic, costs a shitload to insure and needs $600 worth of tyres every third month.

    You guys and your commuter bikes. :roll:
  16. Having said that. He is putting up 10 big ones for a very one dimensional bike (as mentioned before).

    You may as well get an SV1000, as at least you can commute and track it (if one day he wants) The CB900 is a golem of a bike, over priced for the technology and well out of date for multi-purpose riding.

    The one factor in buying a bike is that it needs to keep you interested in riding, not retiring!
  17. I wouldn't call Loz 'retiring' :LOL:.
  18. One dimensional?!?!

    You're off your rocker.

    I reckon they handle and brake significantly better than the SV1000, too - the SV engine has got more guts to it, but if you downgear the H9 it's a giggle machine.
  19. Hornets are tip top.
    Just don't overtake any sportbike riders with it - they're a sensitive lot.
  20. ok OP you are clearly mistaken. what you need is a supersport

    may i suggest an MV augusta f4 312?

    then you may want to go down a dirt road some day? ...you need a hardcore enduro bike

    may i suggest a TM en300. any less any you are a pussy

    want to go on a weekend ride?

    obviously you need a goldwing...else you will be soo fcuking uncomfortable that it will ruin your trip and turn you off bikes forever

    ...goes off and buys another bike