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Question for YZF600R owners on fairings

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jd, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Not in a position to upgrade yet but came across this bike which seems to overcome the one problem I had with buying a YZF600 (that I don't really like fully-faired bikes). Just wondering how difficult a conversion like this would be, ie is it simply a case of removing part of the fairing or does it involve cutting/replacing the original. Thinking a semi-faired Thundercat might just be my ideal next bike.

  2. looks easy enuff to do, the cut is just below the ram air so all that is still intact (this is the HARDEST part with getting a SF going on a cat, getting the carbs to work properly without the ram air). looks like the standard mounting and standard bars are still on it so really could be done in half an hour with a dremel :p

    have a look at my old cat http://home.exetel.com.au/coconuts/My Bikes.htm

    these things can be done. it is a wicked bike tho, very practical with farings, just looks and feels better without :cool:
  3. Hey Coco in that first picture of your cat has that fairing been cut or is the lower section removeable? Thinking even that's an improvement over the original, if it doesn't involve cutting I could almost live with that.
  4. that faring was fibreglass, was only 2 piece (one top, one bottom). i'm pretty sure the stock faring is 3 piece, one top that comes off a bit higher, and two bottoms, one on each side.
  5. Makes sense, all I could find was pics of replacement fairings that were one piece top to bottom - figured the stock fairings would have to be more practical to get on and off than that. Looks like the Thundercat has just moved to No.1 on my list, it just might be getting a visit from Mr. Dremel :grin: (hopefully I can pick one up with low kms and a scratched fairing cheap).
  6. whats cheap? like whats your budget(ish)?
  7. Each side fairing is one piece. The bike in your link looks like it is just missing these. The fairing remaining is the front cowl which would still let the ram air work. $6000 is a bit steep.
    Great bike.
    Hope this helps.
  8. Probably be looking at sepnding around 6,000 or less (depends on what I can get for the Kat). Ideally I want to get something with as little mileage as possible as I'll probably be racking up at least 20,000 a year (and plan on keeping it for at least 2-3 years). Still have to wait till September though :(.
  9. that's just a thundercat with the side fairings removed.. no modifications there

    (the only mod required is moving the front indicators, which i can't see from the pic)
  10. Good, nice to know it's an easy mod. So first step'll be to bin the fairings and chase up some flush-mount indicators - who knows where it might end up :grin: .
  11. jd, I reckon you should take a look at the early fazers (fzs600), as these were a steel framed, naked sports tourer that utilised the thundercat engine. Great bike.

    I looked for one of these for ages, they got really good reviews, and plenty were sold here, you just don't see many for sale. Those that do pop up seem to have a lot of km's (a rider's bike), but it shouldn't really be a cause for concern with these motors.

    I reckon that the 'fightered cat is overpriced, these bikes can be picked up pretty cheap, even in all-original state.

    Some pics:
  12. Get a nice low K example early and start to SF it while waiting! Then you can unleash the beast when it's time!!! Just like edglet is doing!!
  13. Yeah had a look at the FZS600s and the 600s bandit but don't like the upright riding position of either. Guess I could change the bars/move the pegs but taking the fairing off a YZF600 seems the easier option. Wasn't seriously looking at the one advertised (did seem overpriced) but will probably wait till I'm off restrictions so I can actually test ride the thing (and others) before buying. Besides if I had a bigger bike now, it's unlikely it would be staying in the shed :wink:.
  14. jd - just out of interest, how tall are you?

    im about 6 foot and i found the thundercat had a certain riding position that got tiring after a while. i don't get the problem on a more aggressive bike like my zx-9r.
  15. I'm just under 5'8 but I've got short legs, so seat height is an issue with some bikes.
  16. I'd look at fitting a Cat/YZF top yoke/bars onto a FZS, or put a straight Renthal bar on the FZS.

    The real problem is that in the metal a Cat with the lower fairings off will not be pretty: there are a lot of cheap-looking parts that Mr Yamaha wanted hidden. This does not show up in photos but slaps you in the face when looking at an actual bike. Fighters almost always end up looking like you've trowelled your bike and you couldn't afford a new fairing.

    GSX-Rs up to 1995 seem to be most suited, aesthetically.

    If you go the Cat or YZF get some damaged sides and cut them down so you use the mount on the upper frame (about where your knee is when riding) and have your creation be all rigid. You will also be able to use standard blinkers that way.

    Last option is to buy a 1985 FZ750:

  17. Yeah the GSXR600 would be nice but the seat height on those is just way too high for my liking, and the FZ750's getting just a bit too old. Still I haven't actually had a chance to have a good look at a YZF up close - would need to see one without it's fairings before making any definate decisions. My other options are to track down an RF600 in good condition (and cut off the part of the side fairing with the vents perhaps) or go with a TRX850.
  18. I realize this post is 2 years old, but maybe the people are still here who posted originally...
    The links to photos do not work anymore, does anyone have any newer images of YZF without fairings?
    I'm thinking of doing exactly the same thing as what was discussed-removing entire front fairing or just the lower portions and want to know how it will look.

    Anyone had sucess with that procedure?

  19. I just bought the 750 Kat instead, the works already been done :grin:
  20. Here's one option, which ensures the ram air system remains intact and covered up. Not everybody's cup of tea, to be sure. This is my baby, currently undergoing a major aesthetic renovation:

    [just wait til I get five posts]

    After the crash my bike endured at the hands of its first owner, thus rendering it affordable to me, I got it back on the road looking like this:

    [just wait til I get five posts]

    Nasty, but functional. And way better than a Honda CB250RS. It didn't ever run really great without the ram air system fully hooked up.

    THE place to go for information about Thundercats is [going to be included here when I have five posts, apparently]. The forum there is AWESOME. Anything posted there by Slug, Moman, Midlife_Crisis, etc. is worth reading. Because in the USA they've only just finished selling YZF600Rs new, there's a lot more of them than in Australia, so parts there are cheap and readily available on eBay, unlike here where it's like hen's teeth.

    Anyway, I've been lurking for a little while, and I love my YZF600R, so when I saw this topic, I joined up on the NR forum - I hope to find some more Aussie YZF600R riders as a result.