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Question for video game players

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Do any of you play a motorbike game on xbox?

    I'm interested to know what GOOD games are out there and why you think they are good.

    I reckon an updated version of Motorcross Madness would be good but can't find anyhting similar.

  2. I quite liked Motogp game, i think latest version is 2?
  3. MX Vs ATV unleashed
    MotoGP2 (and 3 coming soon..... oooooh goodies :D )
    speed kings

    cant think of all the others i've got, but these are rippers :D
  4. motogp is pretty cool on xbox. it works better with a steering wheel controller than colin mcrae rally does! :LOL:
  5. ohhh, reasons why :shock:

    MX Vs ATV - just the most diverse and best fun out of all the MX games. the ATV and buggy racing makes it last a fair bit longer than most.

    MotoGP2 - if i have to explain it :roll: its just ummm.... geebuz, just play it :D

    Speed Kings - like burnout on bikes. stunts, stacks and boosts :D the realism is pretty far fetched, but i guess it was made for fun, not as a simulator.
  6. I can help you out.

    For X-Box you cant go past Moto GP 3

    you can read a review here: http://xbox.ign.com/articles/645/645785p1.html

    Not many moto games on the x-box.

    For PS2 Moto GP 4 is by far the greatest motorbike racing game ever made.
  7. I tried a MotoGP3 demo on the XBOX recently and wasn't that impressed with the 'feeling' :(

    There used to be a great on on the PC years ago, moto something or other....
  8. i wanna know which version of MGP2 they played :? the one i played is a racing sim, closest thing to stunting is a high speed wheelie down the straing....
  9. Thanks.

    I love Burnout, so I will look into Speed Kings. :D
    I thought MotoGP3 was out?? I haven't actually seen it, but there are reviews etc online.
  10. Motoracer? Was a VERY arcade feeling game
    Had both street and off road, and you could go faster by pulling a mono. :D

    I here motoGP3 has a more arcade feel then MotoGP2. Is that what you didn't like about it?
  11. motoracer?

    the one that has sportsbikes and MX bikes? that was way cool, i spent $70 on an extra 16mb of ram so i could play that a little better :LOL:
  12. yeah, so it would seem. malissa is gunna hate my guts for a few days it seems :LOL:

    and yeah, i was looking online for speed kings for ages with no luck. finally found it when i went over to my dads place and one of his mates had it :D woohoo, stillhavn't paid for a game :LOL:
  13. Yah MotoRacer, that was it! First motorcycle game which handled something like the real thing :D

    [cool mono's as well]
  14. just went on a hunt for that, cant find it :(

    did however manage dig up a bit of a gem, anyone remember REDNECK RAMPAGE? barrels of fun :D
  15. If you've got a PS2 i'd advise midnight club 3. very fast game :D
  16. Yeah, I have it on xbox. I haven't got up to the motorbikes yet though.

    Found a great site for games too. ;)

    And it looks like you can play PSP games off the memory stick! I guess I will have to get one in Malaysia :D
  17. Riding Spirits II on the PS2 was an interesting attempt at making Gran Turismo for bikes. Racing was frustrating since the other riders tended to just run into you but the range of bikes and modifications was quite impressive. Had an advanced option for handling too which would let you shift the riders weight and operate the front/rear brakes independantly.