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question for top boots and gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by warakawa, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. hi, just bought the best modified honda cbr 250 rr r in australia if not in the world.
    want the best and coolest looking pairs of gloves and boots to go with it, budget not a problem here.
    what are your recommendations?


  2. What ever. :roll:

  3. Show us some pictures!

    for your gear you can buy some metal plated road gear and the best bit is when you fall off you will leave nice scrapes along the ground and alot of sparks, damn it would look good...although i guess your going for the looking good while riding....can't help you there.
  4. Its spam bud; ie. robot registering here. :LOL:
  5. Aww oh k. I was wondering if someone brought that crappy custom cbr250. Oh well got my hopes up, damn.
  6. it says i must have 5 posts before i can post pics so here it goes
  7. number 5
  8. Looks like I'm wrong. This dudes fer real. :LOL:

    Wheres the pix warakawa; plus listing of mods?
  9. 3db6_12_sb.





    this is the bike, obviously it does not look like a honda cbr 250 rr r at all, look like some 600 cc bike
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  11. i dont blame you guys, because i didnt because someone would spend so much effort on a 250cc bike, i just bought it, i didnt do anything myself as i would know a shit about mods.
    anyways story is, after i got my Ps, i bought a R1, got caught, booked, fined, suspended for 3 months, got caught again, since im an idiot, went to court, pleaded, raped by the prosecutor, disqualified for 1 Long year. sold the r1, saved up heaps, got this modified cbr250rr, now i need some gears.

    been looking at the alpinestars gp tech gloves, and supertech boots, are they the best on market at the moment?
  12. why would my photo get deleted ?? i wouldnt have a clue, i dont know anything about mods, it just look better than a normal cbr250rr. so i bought it
  13. cbr250rr r...isn't it just cbr250 and cbr250r...

    Anyway post up some audio files! For gear well i can suggest metal plated gloves(you will have to look around for them), one of those stunt helmets that aren't legal in aus YET(name was forgotten) but you can just through a sticker on it and just remember you can get gear custom made.
  14. what the guy told me was

    Some of the bikes features include a completely new fairing and headlight with integrated L.E.D. indicators, Slimline L.E.D. brake light, Dual twin piston brakes with 275mm rotors, Custom metallic paint, Polished frame, Polished swingarm, Aftermarket sprockets and chain along with a custom made Alloy and Titanium underseat exhaust

    it sounds like german to me though
  15. Years Model Description
    1986 CBR250FG and CBR250FG-YA (MC14). Twin front disks, single front headlight, bikini fairings.
    1987 CBR250R(H) (MC17). Twin disks, still single head light, full fairings.
    1988 CBR250R(J) (MC19). Single larger front disk, smaller chain, twin head lights, fuel pump.
    1989 CBR250R(K) (MC19). Essentially identical to the R(J), except now had a speed limiter which was set at 185 km/h.
    1990-1991 CBR250RR(L) (MC22). A completely new redesigned bike that features a new cast/pressed aluminium frame that gives a more aggressive riding position, gull shaped swing arm that was adopted from the NSR250, higher rising tail, six spoke cast aluminium wheels and dual front Ø276 mm floating disk brakes.
    The only feature that was adopted from the previous model CBR250s was the original MC14E engine. This too was slightly modified with a crankshaft that featured Ø27.5 mm small-end journals, up Ø0.5 mm from the previous Ø27 mm journals. The engine also uses a completely new set of VP carburettors that feature smaller throats reduced from Ø32 mm to Ø30.5 mm. These carburettors are now fed by a vacuum operated pump for fuel delivery.

    1992-1993 CBR250RR(N) (MC22). Essentially the same as the RR(L) except for new paint jobs.
    1994-1996 CBR250RR(R) (MC22). Still very similar to the RR(L/N) but now restricted to producing 40 ps (30 kW). The restrictions are in the cylinder head, head gasket and ignition unit, and all need to be replaced if 45 ps (34 kW) is desired.
    1997-1998 CBR250RR(RII) (MC22). These are identical to the RR(R), and are leftover bikes that were built in the 1994 to 1996 era, but sold in 1997 and 1998.
  16. oh oh oh...get technical!
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  18. Hey i have seem those ones, Yeah they'll work, not sure on weight though but its only a little piece of metal and over time you will get use to it.
  19. that'll me look like a british knight not a rider anythign better?
  20. I was just tryingto think of the most unique thing i could think of, apart from that you can get some custom stuff made up.