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Question for the RS 125 owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by uponone, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hey I'm very interested in getting an rs125.

    How long does the 2 stroke oil thingy last between fill ups(how big is it)?

    What sort of economy are you getting to a tank?

    How long will a set of tires last in general?

    thanks for the replies in advance.
  2. from memory, the oil tank is 1.4litres, which lasts me almost a weekend of hard riding (600-700ish kms)

    hard riding, the 14litre petrol tank will last you a little over 200kms, but if you take it easy you can get 350kms out of a tank.

    the standard dunlop sportsmax tires are great for grip, but are a soft compound so you're looking at about 10,000kms, but this will depend on your riding. highway/straight road use will wear it through in the centre of the tire where it comes into contact with the road while still leaving plenty of meat near ther edges.

    and your type of riding is very important when it comes to buying a bike like this. most sales rep will 'neglect' to inform you, but it's not intended for highway use, or holding set-revs for extended periods of time. the engine is designed to rev up and either shift gears or slow down and brake for corners

    also consider-
    is this your sole-form of transport? there can be lengthy waits for parts and repairs. the spare parts network is WOEFUL and if you should probably keep this link for future reference.
    my mechanic Tony at Motorino is pretty damn good and knows his stuff, if you're in Sydney i'd recommend going through them, and advise you not to go near the douchebags in Parramatta, where i bought mine from.

    i absolutely love my little prilla, which helps, because it's not a very logical bike and it can be an utter whore to live with. three years of owning mine, it's spent half of that, easy, in the shop waiting for parts. which stops you getting bored with it, but you will. it's a nice learner bike, but in the end it IS still a learner bike. if it weren't for this recession i would have upgraded by now

    people will say it's too much for a first bike, and that the powerband will get you in trouble, and if you're kind of new to riding i'd actually tend to agree with them. but if you've already got a bit of riding experience under your belt it can be an awesome first bike that will give you a proper introduction to riding. think of it as a Fisher Price's MY FIRST SPORTSBIKE toy.

    welcome to netrider, by the way.
    almost everything i've learnt about bikes i've learnt here. but there's a lot to learn
  3. thanks for the quick reply. only stuff i couldn't really find by searching.

    I'm planing on using it as a weekend bike and maybe some bigger rides.

    I already have both a car and a YZ 250 motocrosser so i am not unused to two stroke fun.

    Now i just need to justify the purchase in my mind.
  4. loki basically answered everything.

    They are cheap as chips to run. Servicing is pretty cheap from Aprilia dealers.

    We needed tyres after 5,000kms as the stockers are like butter.

    Choose your servicing mob wisely. +1 for being wary of Parra. When we got tyres they told my wife she needed a new chain and sprocket at 5,000km. I was in the carpark and she came out to ask me about it. Thieving ****heads.

    Anyhoo they are a unique bike to have which makes the shitty restricted period a little more fun.
  5. yeah i only have like 8 months left but i love riding and they seem like the best looking learners bike and obviously aren't that bad on fuel or tires.

    being a uni student i couldn't really afford to maintin something like an R1 even if i could ride it.
  6. Yeah the RS125 is great fun for me as a learner.
    But make sure you get an idea of its service history, i had to rebuild the top end after only 1500kms of ownership which sucked but the speedo was at 10k so it was kinda expected.
    Parts can be a biatch if you live out West.(i had to wait 2 weeks for a LHD Footpeg)
    But overall a nice screamer well worth its 3-5k price tag. i paid 3k for mine with 12 months rego and a tyga perfomance pipe on it. which was a pretty good deal i thought. but i had to part with like 450 for the rebuild but it still works our pretty cheap.
    In fact since i bought it iv only driven my car like twice in 2 months:grin:
    even if its only to go like a km from my house :p