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Question for the PC geeks...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Just sunk some $ into a new desktop pc for myself... (missus gets the old one :p).

    Im reading so many conflicting and useless reviews stating power draw requirements etc on the graphics cards...

    Basically, the components are:

    Upgrading components to:
    Asus P6TD Deluxe (with a 'huge' 4cm slow fan added to the N8)
    12gb Corsair 2000mhz ram
    Core i7 950
    Noctua NH-U12P SE2 (has 2x 12cm cooling fans)
    2x Gigabyte GTX580s

    Remaining from the existing machine:
    Lian Li PC-A10B
    Coolermaster 1kw PSU (has a 14cm cooling fan)
    150gb WD Velociraptor
    2x 500gb Seagate Barracudas in stripe
    1x 2tb WD RE4-GP Enterprise drive
    Lite-On BluRay burner

    Case cooling:
    2 front mounted 12cm fans, filtered
    2 side mounted 14cm fans, one over ram section, other over gpu section. both filtered.
    1 rear mounted 12cm fan behind cpu cooler
    2 top mounted 12cm fans, one over cpu cooler, the other over the burner

    So, at last i get to my question:
    Will my 1kw PSU handle that? :).

    Im a little uneasy, though most reviews state an SLI system draw is in the region of 700w at 100% load (not realistic of course), and thinking perhaps i should sink another $150 into a second PSU, just a decent 500w or so to run the system, and leave the 1kw for the gpus?
  2. *Ok, here is one hell of a long post* Don't bother reading it all *if* you KNOW your hardware, I'm just trying to explain some basics in my insomnia affected state at present, I just saw how long of a post I did.. Sorry.. BRAIN = MUSH. Im off to bed* If you 'need' to learn some basics, grab a cuppa and read on. LOL. You may end up hating me for this post. heh *smile* Here's my post now in all it's glory!

    Im sorry if I come across cranky, I've had less than 5 hours sleep in umm, 60 hours? (insomnia sufferer here), plus I've been helping mates with PS3's with the 'new problems' of late, won't go into it.

    But a quick tired google shows http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-580-sli-review/14 does seem to be around 720watt draw, but more important is the power draw of the (12v) rails, rather than 'just' raw watts. A cheap (i.e SHAW) 1500 watt PSU may not handle the 700watt draw due to it's 12v rails failing on the load draw. I'm too tired to go into detail but that's the gist, others can go further?

    I could be blind but you didn't give the exact model of the PSU? That's more important than just "Coolermaster" as from memory, I've seen coolermaster put out some great PSUs whilst also having CRAP ones.

    Some good background info on PSUs is "80 plus cert", i.e http://www.plugloadsolutions.com/80PlusPowerSupplies.aspx

    Now for my 'crankiness' coming out. From http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-580-sli-review/7 it appears one gtx580 can do 60+ FPS on most (all) games, at least in most situations. I didn't see (could have missed it, Im going to bed after I post this as I NEED to), is this for gaming and what else?

    Also what monitor do you have? Just stating that if your SLI setup is capable of displaying say 160FPS and your monitor is a typical '99% LCD' one, it can only display physically 60FPS which it seems one card can do. If you have a 100or 200htz TV or a (last time I looked, ~1-2 years ago) one of 1-2 monitors that display 120htz which means they can dislay up to 120 FPS.

    Just trying to show that spending the extra "oomph" may not actually physically be able to be seen by the eye due to the limitation of the display device (tv/monitor). Except benchmarks (epeen) will be higher. If this is what you want, cool :)

    Myself personally, I'd remove one the Velociraptor(s), forget if you said 1 or more and for system drive(s), get SSD, Ever since putting an SSD in my desktop machine that is my PC gaming machine (which now is 1% of my gaming since I bought a PS3 2-3 months ago heh, controllers personally for me MUCH easier to use than a mouse due to my gimped out shoulder) and some *quieter, cheaper to run green HDDs for storage

    *ok, I bothered to scroll up, you have RAID stuff, cool. Is the Velociraptor loud? Mine was, I literally gave it away due to the "grinding" noise it made during I/O access. Silent (and faster + cheaper to run) SSD is my new "computing love" of the past year heh, hope that doesn't sound weird.

    Since I/we don't know your exact uses, I guess could be a (lot) more than 'just' gaming? If not, try to stay away from epeen $$$ for now, that is unless you KNOW games will generally demand more of the 580 GPU that the tv/monitor can display "for general" So, if you 'just' game, I just want to say again, the extra GPU, quick google, 580s go for ~$600, that card may literally be giving you nothing extra in terms of what you see in gaming (besides the odd FULL FEATURE, POLYGON PACKED explosive scene rendered in real time). I'm noit trying to be 'nasty' just trying to let you know in case you didn't that for gaming at least, the latest and greatest may literally be $$$ down the drain.

    I keep repeating myself, my brain is mush at present sorry, but best to let us know what your exact uses are, and the exact PSU or... Get a known 80 plus PSU, your best bet may be only getting one GPU, it all depends on your needs, it could be saving you almost $800 and giving you the exact same amount of "graphics oomph" in general game playing, but I could be wrong. I haven't looked at GPUs and game requirements vs display devices for probably 6-8++? months. Being a father whilst in the gimped manner I am (day to day pain impedes on being able to work etc) has led me to stop being at the forefront of hardware acquirement so I don't do the same amount of research as I used to.

    At present, my glorified browser (due to 99% of games being on PS3 now) is a x6 1055t @ 4.3GHZ, 8GB RAM with a overclocked (and maybe volt modded, I can't recall if I volt modded the card I have now) gtx 275, I've had the GPU for god 1-3 years, no games I've played on the PC actually brought it to it's knees, but that's not too many games in the past 6 months. ]

    Ok, Im going to bed before 4am, LOL.. night


    I saw some newer games (metro 2033 or something) can bring cards to its knees, if you play games like this, then this one oomph of a PC will actually be out performing other ones that could be driven to their knees in full graphics mode.. Sweet.

    But I'll add again, if you 'just' game as the power bit for the PC, what monitor/resolution do you run and what games? But if you've already BOUGHT the setup, then I've been waffling on for no reason, I'm turning off my lappy, before 4am!!! greatness! HA :p
  3. Yikes, think im more tired just finishing nightshift but ill work my way through...

    My veloci is fine, quiet as and quick. Would like SSD but id buy top of the line and frankly its too $$ even for me at the moment!. The old raptor i had before it (now runs my server behind me), now THAT is loud!

    Yes ive already bought it :p did my research into bits and pieces, but having just re-read some reviews, i was reading about single rail PSU's etc (as you mention the rails not standing up to the draw), having half assumed my 1kw would stand up to it.

    Speaking of which, i just popped the case and checked, its a Coolermaster Realpower 1000w Modular.
    Specs here http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/...ster_real_power_pro_m1000_1000w_modular_psu/1
    Screen wise at this second im still on my old benq 2440 something or other (id have to look on the back), but what i didnt think to mention on the previous post was that im getting set up for 3d vision surround on 3x ASUS VG236H 23".

    edit: changed a few things as i hunted... and now im going to bed :D.
  4. I'm not sure I'd bother with an SLI setup like that with those cards. For the cost, noise, heat and power drain there's usually a single card option that's as good or better. Last time I looked, the performance gains for doubling graphics cards varies a lot depending on the game, and is often nowhere near doubling performance. I remember some benchmarks a while back that showed only about 30% increase with some titles, even though others were higher.

    Look online for some benchmarks done by sites like Tom's Hardware Guide, which usually show power consumption as well. Sometimes you can get more poke with certain priced cards doubled up, but you still double the power draw and noise.
  5. I'm running SLI at the moment and I can tell you now it's not worth it - I wont be doing it again. Buy a single higher end card which will give you better performance (or close to it), less power consumption and probably save you a few dollars as well. Some games don't take full advantage of it either. My system runs off a Antec Truepower 650 watt PSU and I've never had any power issues. The figures quoted in the reviews you're reading appear to be inflated slightly.

    12Gb of ram???! What on earth are you using this computer for?

    I'm going to assume you're running a 64bit OS on this beast?
  6. Yeah got win7 ultimate 64bit already on my existing machine ;).
    I know SLI can be a little bothersome - i ran one before on 9800GTX+'s, but i will be running 3 screens at 1920x1080, so the horsepower is going to be needed. I have no idea whether i can do tri-screen 3D - somehow i doubt itll have the capacity for that but we will see...
    I know nvidia can be a bit lax in making sli profiles (nhancer helps) and some games dont take advantage of it, but the more modern games that are coming out (which is precisely the reason i have gone for two) are coded with sli in mind.
    All the reviews i have read on the cards show that, at least in the last year, SLI scaling is far better then it was, and that a dual SLI is a perfect performance level. Tri-SLI (considered it) hits such a major CPU bottleneck that you hardly see any performance increase over dual.
  7. Tried that calculator... lol.

    Recommended Minimum PSU Wattage: 978w
    Perhaps i better get another one after all :p.
    Sigh... this is the reason i came with a question - stuck to find a definite answer.
  8. Sounds like a good idea, PSUs are cheap compared with the cost of killing other hardware.

    If your 1kw unit's still fairly new maybe try flogging it off on ebay (or even on here) and put the cash towards a heftier PSU.
  9. Its not new, about a year old.
    My case supports dual psu's so ill just get one to run the core, and leave the kw for the gpus.
  10. Ah, didn't realise you could fit two PSUs in the case.
    Had a mental image of you having it external and just poking the cables through :LOL:.
  11. Yeah, just means the bastard thing is going to be even heavier. Nearly get a hernia lifting my computer as it is!

  12. You say that like it's a bad thing.

  13. [thread jack] Hi pc guru's - this will be a super quick thread jack... I need to install the latest MS office - intending to replace the old one... do I manually uninstall the old one or will the installer take care of that while installing the new proggy's? yeh I know, dumb question, but I've only ever done OEM installs... thanks [/thread jack]
  14. Should detect and overwrite the old one.
  15. Finally got round to building it.
    One problem is the graphics cards get so hot - understandably.
    The problem is not for the cards, or the cpu, but my northbridge hit 72c today... so i need to either reconfigure my airflow to draw more heat away from the gpus, or just smother the area in room ambient air... or spend $1200 more and put the entire system on water... but that would also mean needing to get a bigger case like a mountain mods or a lian li pc-343b...
    Might try the 'more external airflow' first. Got plenty of spare fans.

    Attached Files:

  16. Water-cooling is the answer to heat. :)
  17. Seems to me that with those ventilation holes at the side of the rear of the case, and the case fan straight above, that's a fair bit of cooler air that comes in the holes and straight back out without getting anywhere near any heat sinks.

    Taping that side bit up and removing the spare rear slot covers between beneath the GPUs surely pulls more cool air past where it's needed. You'll get as much or more flow that way.

    I've put an aftermarket copper cooler on my card that is quieter and drops the temps by 15 degrees or more.

    I also ditched the stupid little Northbridge heatsink and tiny 6000 rpm fan and rpaced it with a bigger passive cooler that cost all of $10-15. It rarely runs hotter than about 42 degrees. At the moment it's at 46, but I've got the place open and the ambient temperture in here is probably approaching 40.