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Question for the melbourne dwellers re hotels and food

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, May 30, 2011.

  1. I am thinking about taking the trouble and strife to melbourne for her birthday. Need the good oil on a shit hot hotel and top end restaurant that does not mind serving up a vego dish. Money not an issue within reason (ie I am not going to spend 2k on a top floor suite!)

    Probably stay 3 maybe 4 days so pointers on stuff to do would also be good. I have only ever driven straight through Victoria, so dont know a great deal about the place.

  2. Any of the better restaurants should be able to do a first class vego dish - especially if you mention it when you book. Most will have their menus on line as well so check them out too.

    Can't help with accommodation (I don't normally stay in melbourne hotels :) ) but I can certainly recommend The Press Club having been there last year (fortunately someone else ws paying because it isn't cheap)
  3. Most romantic restaurant in Melbourne: Grossi Florentino
    Best food: eZard
    Best Service: Circa @ The Prince
    Most Exclusive: Vue De Monde

    Best CBD Hotel = The Westin (Cnr Collins Street and Swanston Street)
    In the CBD: Grand Hyatt / Sofitel (both on Collins Street)

    PERFECT COMBO: Stay at the Westin, dine at Grossi, have an afterdinner drink at the Gin Palace, stumble back to the hotel so she can show you her 'gratitude' (All within a 2 block walk) hehehe....

    Source: Lived in the CBD for 5 years and had an (expensive!) hobby, to visit ALL the restaurants and bars in the City. ;o)
  4. When the need arises, I stay at the Hilton (South Wharf), have tried most so far, about the only major one I've not tried is the Westin. Only down side to the Hilton is that it's a few minutes out of the way. Anyway, it depends what your after, but the rooms are some of the best in Melbourne (it is a brand new motel for a start).

    The other stand out option for motels is Crown.

    In terms of the vego dish, not sure to be honest, never really paid any attention, but if I had my pick I'd be eating in PM24.
  5. Cheers for that, exactly the kind of info I am chasing. Reading site like wotif is pretty hit and miss I reckon. Best off with first hand knowledge.

    Re the vego, the missis actually more like a vegan, but I will forgive her for that since she buys me motorbikes and cool things! Hard finding a resteurant that serves up vegan and mega meat dishes for me.
  6. So negotiations for the finance to buy an old Brit resto project not going so well then?:wink:
  7. If you book at any of the better restaurants and mention your wife is a vegan at the time of booking, then a good restaurant will be able to accommodate her.

    That said, if you don't mind paying, I would really recommend eating at Vue du Monde - it is a truly memorable experience.

    As for places to stay, I have a soft spot for the Hotel Windsor, but the Langham over on Southbank is pretty special.
  8. Lol mate, not a problem with the wife on that one, problem is the lack of space!
  9. I second the westin, top class hotel and great location. One of my favourite restaurants is 'Maha', dont waste your time with the 'press club' for dinner....its food isnt bad but its really over priced. But like a few others have said try to get into Vue de Monde, best there is but you will pay or it.
  10. ^^^Ah yes, I forgot Maha - you'll definitely have no trouble with vegan food there!
  11. Ezard has a pretty good range of vegetarian dishes, can't say whether they qualify as vegan though.

    A work colleague of mine had a $500 voucher for Vue de Monde, and still had to shell out a coupla hundred more for a dinner for two.
  12. soul mama in st kilda does good grain feed
  13. Consider the Langham Hotel. Good location, rooms and service.

    Some nice restaurants in St Kilda such as the Stokehouse and Riva.

    Plenty to do within a short distance of the CBD. What sort of transport do you have? Any particular interests you share that we could work with to make suggestions on activities? Within reason. 8-[
  14. F**k I hope tweets doesn't read this thread....
  15. ..F*ck!!...I just read it!!... CHEAPSKATE!!!..... :twisted:
  16. Missed that one!
  17. Sofitell is the best place to stay
  18. I can highly recommend the Grand Hyatt on Collins St. Great location and if you get one of the classier rooms (they aren't cheap but they don't cost a fortune either) you get access to the King Club lounge, where you can go and eat nibblies and drink tea/coffee/soft drink/juices for free all day. The Club lounge also has a happy hour between 5-7pm (from memory) where you can drink for free. They have a few different kinds of spirits, red, white and sparkling wines and quite a few beers to choose from. Book direct through their website ... http://www.melbourne.grand.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp?null ... and be sure to check out the special offers they have.