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Question for the girls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peaches, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Is it my imagination or do our arses look fat from the back of our bikes? Yes, it’s a genuine question, yes it’s about aesthetics. :?

    I don’t think I’ve got a super fat “rear-endâ€, but DANG so far all the pics that have been taken of me from behind while on Peaches have been FAR from flattering. The scary thing is, my other girlfriends who ride share my sentiment, with the ones who ride sports bikes being particularly vehement about it. :shock:

    I’m not complaining or anything, but I was just curious if anyone noticed anything similar? Guys’ butts on bikes look hot. But us poor girls seem to be copping the short end of the stick again in this issue. :roll:

    I guess it doesn’t really matter, but it can still be quite disconcerting when you see pics of yourself and you realise “crap! Is that REALLY what I look like? Maybe it’s time to spend more time at the gymâ€.

    Ladies – your thoughts?

    ps- not sure if this is a topic for general, or off topic?

  2. Oh, pooh. Why on earth would I want to post pics of girls’ behinds when this topic is clearly about the problems with the said anatomy? :roll:
  3. Heya Peaches

    i'd like to think people are staring at the bike - not my trunk!

    Good point though - i'll do some research
  4. So us blokes can be all supportive and tell you that it doesn't look at all big, and is perfectly normal sized

    but really just to have a perv, but we'd do the above too, and it would be truthful! :p
  5. Perhaps it is more to do with Riding Posture than big butts... :)

    If you are leaning forward are bit more on a Sports Bike, it is going to look a bit bigger... :cool:
  6. I doubt this is a significant problem for you, Peaches... and especially one that can not be fixed by upgrading to a motorcycle bigger than a CBR125 when the time comes.
  7. i also think that :worthlesspics:
  8. OMG!! I will never be able to learn forward on my sports again!!!!
    That is well shameful!!
    You dont say that to a chick!!!! The answer is always 'nooo your butt doesnt look big'

  9. Easy to fix the problem. Just put a top box or rack'n sack on the back of the bike and no one can see your derriaire (sp?).

  10. You totally all know what song I'm gonna have to bust out.

    Love that healthy butt!
  11. I like big butts.
  12. Well it had to be done....

  13. And I can not lie.
  14. MY EYES!!! *gouges them out with a rusty spork*
  15. Oh my god what have I done >_<

    This thread has just gone to shreds. Girls, girls girls – what are your thoughts? Don’t worry about these men who are just being silly sausages. :roll:

    I like the bike rack idea by the way. I don’t care if guys look at my backside. There’s nothing to look at anyway. What I’m worried about is what I look at – what I, and a lot of my other girlfriends seem to think, are large behinds.

    Get it???
  16. I'm sure even greenpeace would have an ethical dilema with this one... the bike or the whale....
  17. Does my ass look big on this?

    Can't say I've been noticing other ladies butts, but it makes sense, whether on a sports bike or cruiser.

    It would be hard to tell where the girth of your butt ends since your legs are forced apart to straddle the seat. :eek:

    Also your butt would be squished onto a seat also spreading it out further. :roll:

    Adding to all this you would be leaning forward which makes your waist look smaller, (I know this especially from doing pilates) and that will emphasise the butt spread already at hand. :shock:

    Guess you could ride a scooter! :p
  18. [​IMG][/quote]

    Does this bike make my butt look big??
  19. Technically, that's undercover parking.
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