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Question for the electical minded, indicator not working...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. ...on the trailer.

    It's weird, the indicator stops working when you put the bulb in. Got the multimeter out, checked power is running through and that the earth is fine. It has a reading when the bulb isn't in, as soon as you put the bulb in - nothin. Tried a few bulbs, tried the same bulb in the brake light and it worked fine. The brake light earth runs off the same as the indicator too so it's not the earth.

    Anyone shed some light on this one? It's got us puzzled! All readings are fine until the bulb goes in!

  2. Is the wattage rating of the bulb the same as the one it is replacing?

    I know on my old bike I got a new indicator bulb and it was different wattage, so it worked but the circuit flashed double-time to show something was wrong.

    Just thinking now: perhaps the bulb holder is damaged so it doesn't contact the bulb properly when put in? But obviously you're putting your multimeter needles on the contact ok ^_^
  3. Just a thought .. have you checked to see that the contact disc inside the lense assembly has not spun around?
  4. Sounds like a bad connection somewhere or a bad earth - it's ok when you test it with the multimeter but fails as soon as you put any load across it.

    Check the wiring, particularly connections/joins.
  5. Does teh trailer light light up and do nothing, or you have no indicator on the trailer at all?
    Do the car indicators flash when the trailer indicator does not work?

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. It's weird, everything keeps working until the globe goes in, wattage is fine. Pulled out every contact point, checked and replugged it. This is bloody weird.
  7. You will need to draw the circle in white chalk and sacrifice the chicken while you are facing to the east.

    Let me know how it goes.
  8. I would be looking at the construction. A broken wire or loose contact would give a false positive and as the electrode moves when the bulb is inserted, the circuit is broken.

    I would also take any old emery paper and polish up the inside of the socket (both the casing and the centre electrode). Consider the metal the socket is mounted on - a corroded rivet or rusty screw will cause a poor earth. Follow downstream until you get to the common earth (I.E the earth for the brake light)

    Failing both, take your multimeter, place it in current mode (10A/30sec max unfused or equivalent), and using an assistant, run the probes between the electrode in the socket and the positive of the bulb. touch the bulb housing to the socket housing to complete the circuit. If the current is limited, a poor connection is to blame. If the bulb lights normally, consider turfing the socket and putting a new one in, unless you feel up to resoldering everything.
  9. +1 for dodgy connection. Everything is wired up ok there just isn't enough current to light the globe. Try sending 12V power directly into the trailer plug across the appropriate pins. If the light glows brightly then the trailer is ok and the problem is probably in the car's trailer connector.
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  11. Mate, as a last resort splice into the loom before the lense assy, wire the globe ( or a spare socket ) into it. My guess is still the contact disc inside the socket. :idea:
  12. If you have two separate lights sharing a common earth, your problem will probably be at that point. Loosen, clean and tighten that point. separate if poss.
  13. I'm betting the trailer connection plug. The connection is not good enough for the current of the indicator, but good enough for the multimeter.

    Figure out which pin it is and make the connection good. Try a bit of aluminum foil in there to prove it (as a temporary measure).
  14. Hit it with a hammer.

    If that doesn't work then use a bigger hammer.
  15. Metric, you only said that for the postcount.
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    you were trained in the navy as well. \:D/
  17. Ha ha ha

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, nothin appears to be working. The fvcker is just going to get re-wire.
  18. No, but my dad was. He trained me :grin:

    Damn, that screwed up my postcount . . . .