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Question for the computer techies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JP, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. I bought myself an Asus Eee PC the other day (1101HA) and feel like doing a clean install of XP. Since it doesn't have a CD drive, I was wondering if it's possible to use the CD drive in my Mac and connect the two computers via USB and install XP that way? Or is that just asking for trouble and I'd be better of buying an external drive?

  2. external drive
  3. I've read up on booting from a flash drive but it looks harder than what I thought it would be.
  4. There are other ways of doing it but maybe a USB to IDE convertor and CDROM drive from something else is probably the go...
  5. Yeah but where's the fun in that...
  6. farrrk orite then


    usb finger, better?
  7. Thumb Drive

  8. JP, I have an external CD drive/burner which I am happy for you to use, give me a call on the mobile. Happy to help you with the install, too, I've done a few of those upgrades!
  9. There may be a drivers folder under C:\ somewhere you may need to back that up so the hardware works again.

    Had fun with a IBM Thinkpad upgrade once :oops:
  10. ASUS have what appears to be a zillion drivers on their web-site, so it shouldn't be a problem....

    IBM's driver support is TOO extensive; for any one model there is sometimes three completely different video card drivers, and let's not start on IBM soft modems, shall we???
  11. I tried putting xp on my brother inlaws eepc using the thumb drive method, it is a pain in the arse and didn't work propely.
    Make it easy on yourself and get an external drive.

    Also if yours is the same and has a 4GB drive XP will take up around 3.4GB of that space.

    So try and download XPlite.
  12. This is a more valid concern. XP is a good OS, but its just not really designed for this sort of thing. Besides, the OS on a netbook is by and large irrelevant... you'll be using the internet for most things anyway.
  13. QUE???
    When XP was originally released a 1Ghtz processor and 1 – 2 gig of ram was pretty good laptop.
    And considering some come out with 160gb HDDs they are fine as a stand alone machine (Aside from the completely gimped graphics card)
    So why would you necessarily be “using the internet for most things anywayâ€
    PS I so can’t wait for viably priced ones with 64+GB SSDs to be released
  14. My Acer Aspire One has 160gb of storage and 1gb of RAM and runs Windows XP like a charm; I do wish people would quote real experience not technical urban myths when they post. The only reason come companies ship Atom machines with a Linux variant instead of Windows is cost, not capability.
  15. I think you'll find the the poster was referring to the fact that installing 3.4G of OS on a machine with only 4G isn't a very good idea...
  16. Exactly what I meant; this machine has a 160gb hard drive, so the comment is not only ill-informed, but also poorly (if at all) researched....
  17. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. And thanks Paul once again for your offer :)
    I ended up buying a Samsung drive as I figure I'll need it again in the future. Installing XP and the drivers went without a hitch (a first for me!). Almost as easy as installing OS X :p