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Question for the Air Force Buffs - Is the Superhornet crap?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Figured that bike riders = people liking fast things = jet fighters, so i thought i'd ask. I know virtually nothing about these things, but is the superhornet the right way to go for Australia? Or even the JSF, which seems to be taking a lot of our money for little return so far.

    It's a shame the F-111's can't soldier on, but from what little I know, the superhornet can't really be compared to the ground hugging pig, and it's a bit odd we're looking at it as a replacement.

    As a sidenote, it's pretty interesting watching a mini-arms race develop in our little corner of the world. The Indo's get promised the T-90 and next thing, wham, we're replacing the AS-1 Leopard with the Abrahms.

    So... for the people that know better - what should we be doing? Go with the Superhornet as a stop-gap? Will it compare to the latest generation Mig and Su fighter/bombers that we'll be seeing in the region soon? And should we go with the JSF, or something like a SAAB?
  2. I'd have thought that the F-16 would be a better replacement, it's a dedicated fighter/bomber isn't it, as opposed to a fighter modified for the job.
  3. Chinese built SU-27s would be far better value for money.
  4. Re: Question for the Air Force Buffs - Is the Superhornet cr

    The Super Hornets are supposed to be a stop gap measure until the JSF is ready for delivery.

    I'm no expert on these matters but it seems that what we really need is the F-22 Raptor. But the US, being the nice guys that they are, don't trust us with the technology, and so won't be offering it for sale.
  5. the zongshen of fighter planes?
    especially now that we dont have a PM prepared to go down on their president :!:
  6. Making the Superhornet the Harley Davidson of fighter planes? ;)

    On a serious note though since we're still technically part of the British Empire we don't we use the same planes as they do. Couldn't be any worse than buying something designed for carrier use when we don't have a carrier.
  7. ouch, you kicked me in the nutz :cry: :LOL:
  8. pfft, as if a yamaha could go fast enough :p :p
  9. Well I'm in the defence business and I can say that both Superhornet and JSF are more about kissing American arse than actual capability.

    There were a number of options available for Australias next fighter purchase, Eurofighter Typhoon amongst them, that exceeded the capabilities of either aircraft, that were knocked back despite independent analysis by industry/technology experts.

    And yes previous posters are right, the US is keeping the F-22 for itself.

    The F-18 and F-16 are 1970's technology.
    The F-111 is an awesome and very capable machine that the Indonesians fear, but unfortunately it is even older 1960's technology that is no longer supported and the airframes are reaching end of life.

    Word is that the current F-22 may well be the last last piloted fighter aircraft anyway........

    Interesting times.........
  10. Would it not be possible to commission someone to build new F-111s?
  11. Its all got to do with GTL (Gas to Liquid) fuel refining.
    Its the fuel of the future, Natural Gas derived fuel which has environmental and performance advantages over current crude oil based fuels. (read about it, . . . its very interesting !!)

    Australia is in a good position in the next century to take advantage of this, due to our large NG reserves.

    One of the reasons we are spending big on defence.
    Its not only because our neighbours are also spending big, its all got to do with our natural resources once the Middle East officially confirms they have reached peak-oil. .

    . . .. geeez, this response is a bit out of left field !
  12. Wonder whether we'll ever reach a time when we seriously wonder whether the US alliance is over-all in our best interests? Probably not until it's sole-superpower status falls apart, I guess... but a loosening of the apron strings would definitely be healthy for us.
  13. I think we are well into the stage of the decline of US world hegemony.
    Trouble is......I don't think they'll go quietly....
  14. for all your left wing complaining id rather USA be a superpower than china or russia
  15. Racial profiling?

    The lesser of the evil's eh? Sorry, not buying it. No one single country should be able to call itself the most powerful, and I can guarantee at the moment no single country can.

    As for the descision to buy those super hornets? I don't think it is the wisest of choices, on the sole point that previous purchases have left us no choice but to spend more. Didn't we buy $1b worth of choppers, then realised we didn't have the matching ground/carrier capabilities then had to spend another $1b to upgrade.
  16. ok, slightly off topic: if ever i come back as an asian i want his looks--->[​IMG]

    finally caught up to watching "infernal affairs III". :grin:

    ok, back on topic.
  17. [​IMG]