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Question for the admins!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bond Girl, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Is it possible for the last 15 active posts to go to the last post in each thread rather than the first? Regular viewers will quickly tire of having to scroll thru a whole thread to find the last post since they logged in! Please?

  2. BG - I suggested this ages and ages ago... no can do, as far as I was told. :)
  3. What'd be handy if the scrolling window with the latest posts was larger. It, for me, anyway, scrolls really slow. Be nice to be able to simply click on the interested thread.

    Web based forums, to me, who'se used to text based Usnet and other similar forums, are a compromise. But, they are becoming more popular and with the forums that I read are moving away from Usenet.
  4. yeah..agree with BG
    the other forums that I go to that use phpBB
    show the Page# under the last x number of posts
    so you pick which page you wanna go to for that topic
    i think its not a bad idea

    my 2c...

  5. I must be getting smarter, or my epiphanies come quicker :)
  6. There are at least two ways to take you to the latest post from any and all the latest threads.

    1. View posts since last visit

    As mouth pointed out by giving the direct link there is a search page which lists all the threads that have had posts added, including entirely new threads. Alternatively you can get to the same page by looking at the top right of the main forum page. There is a link entitled 'View posts since last visit' click on that and you will get the same list of threads.

    Beside each of the thread names listed in the Topics columns is an arrow pointing to an orange page (this icon only appears beside each of the threads that you haven't seen the latest post). If you click on that icon you will be taken driectly to the latest post in that thread, but you have to click on that icon and NOT the thread name.

    2.RSS Feeds

    Have a read of the two below threads and you will be able to get the 15 or so must recent posts as they are posted.



    Using either of the two above methods you are going to save a whole lot of time.
  7. 3. Last 15 Active Posts

    Click on the topic title to be taken to the last post in that topic
  8. 4. Always notify me of replies

    Subscribe to the threads (link in bottom right of each thread) and have the above turned on in your profile, then click on the link in the email that is sent to you. However you aren't notified of new threads using this.
  9. sorry to bump this up again, but any chance of having the option to go to the first or last post in the '15 last active threads' panel?

    not everyone uses that section to keep an eye on posts they've allready read, i know a fair few use it to view new threads in sections they wouldnt normally visit... and it's been shitting me no end having to go find the start of every friggin' thread i click on... :/


    Name Of Thread Here [go to last post]
    where 'name of thread here' takes you to the first post? and the other link takes you to the last one...

    it's obviously do-able because every thread in every section has a "view last post" link...

    that way everyone is happy!
  10. Careful BG you will get #4 if you go rocking the boat
  11. I'm not trying to rock the boat I simply asked a question & Jason has answered my question if you scroll up!

    Please don't get me into trouble I'm quite capable of doing that all on my own!
  12. ohhhhh, poor diddums getting a sore scroll finger?

    seriously is it just me or are people getting lazier? besides, it would drive me insane if, to read the original question, i had to from the back of the thread forwards. last time i checked we weren't speaking Thai...

    chronological order is far more... logical :p

  13. 5. The search function

    Click on the search link at the top of all the pages (just under the banner ads).

    Put an * into the 'Search for Keywords:' field

    Set 'Display results as:' to 'Topics' (or posts if you prefer)

    Change the 'Search previous:' drop down to 'One Day' (or 'Seven Days' if you haven't been around for a while) ***NOTE*** make sure you change this field

    Click on the search button

    Then browse through the list of all the threads that have been last posted in for the last day or how ever long you selected.