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Question for taller riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sumkindaroadkill, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. G'day all,

    Im looking at getting back in the roadbike scene and as you can see I have a couple of chook chasers to keep me amused for the meantime.

    I was wonering what some of the taller lads are getting around on these days (these days? christ Im only 30). Im about 6 foot 5 0r 196cm if you like.

    I was thinking along the lines of inline 4's like the CBR and the GSXR 1000's a twin in the Aprilia Falco mould or the new triple on the block the Trumpy Daytona 675? I realise the Trumpy has not yet been released (or is it) but was ondering if any other riders of similar height owns or at least taken some of theese bikes for a ride and how they fit in regards to being too cramped and rider comfort.

    The last weapon I rode was a GSXR750 (05) and it felt ok but the ride time was only short (around 15 mins). The Aprilia appeals as I seemed to mould to it but was not able to take it for a ride at the time (bugger). Also as you can see Im hanging out in Kalgoorlie and there are not a lot of demo models of any road bikes (NONE last week) to take for a blat.

    The bike I will purchase will be used as a commuter and tourer where posible and before you snigger there was a story in the West Australian newspaper about a bike tester that rode an 06 CBR1000RR from Phillip Island to Perth in two days and said the only other bike he would do it on would be a Goldwing (It cost him 327 dollars from memory in fuel).

    OK theres my bit of blabber and would appreciate any feedback or ideas.


  2. Hi, sumkindaroadkill.

    I recommend you get sumkindasportzbike and don't pay too much attention to weirdo journalists.
  3. I think the Daytona 675 is gonna be a little on the miniature side of things for you. It's a little bit midgety for me and i'm only 6'3".

    I had this discussion a few weeks back and came to the following conclusions...
    - The newest Gixxer 1000's are a decent size
    - R1's and CBR1000's are shrinking...
    - The older Triumphs (Daytona 955i's and the like) are a decent size but a bit on the chubby side.
    - Previous gen sports bikes like my FZR1000 or other bikes built for big people (and as such heavier :cry: )

    There may be a half way point out there somewhere... just a matter of finding whatever you can work with. Personally i don't mind if the tank doesn't quite suit my leg length; as soon as i get cranked into the twisties it all seems to fit perfectly.
  4. if you not after a pure sports bike, what about the vstrom 1000? and similar multi purpose bikes, i know the seats alot higher than on the sv, still ok, but i am 6'3.
  5. Mmmm...

    My recommendation would have to be either a K1/K2 Gixxer1000. A TL1000R. Or a ZZR1100.

    I am 6'7 and quite comfortably fit these.
  6. Actually that reminds me, i rode a 2004/2005 (can't remember which one) FZ1 about a fortnight ago now and found that to be very very pleasant to ride. Comfort wise it was pretty darn good, just i couldn't imagine myself riding one every day as it wasn't the right position. Far too upright and... well upright for my liking.
  7. Champs,

    Thanks for the feedback so far.

    I would like to get back onto a true sports bike such as the GSXR's as the last roadie I had was a GSXR750 (94) and although a little cramped I had it for over a year Mind you thatt was in 95 and I was a bit lighter and a bit more flexible.

    K1 and K2 GSXR's sound the goods, cheers. I will have to look into them further.

    Has anyone cocked a leg over an Aprilia Falco at all? I know its a little bit left of centre but they have struck a nerve with me.

    Thanks again lads.
  8. I'm 6'5" a recently rode a friends '05 Triumph Tiger...bloody near perfect,but a V-twin motor would be nice... :grin:
  9. I am only 6 foot so prety small compared to your at 6'5 but I found the sadle and peg positions for the 675 were realy nice, when I sat on one (Havn't riden it) but with the low bars i felt that my head was to far forward over the front screen.

    I think if the bars were lifted a little it would overcome some of this. and make it more effective for a taller person.
  10. Don't leave out a Kawasaki ZX12R. They accomodate larger riders quite well.
    A new GSXR will feel tiny, trust me. I rode my mates Saturday and it's a very small, nimble machine. I'm 5'11", at your height it would feel like a pocket bike.
    The older Gixxer thous are much bigger though.