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Question for R6 owners - scratch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, May 3, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering if this dent/scratch is on a replaceable panel, or if it is part of the chassis.

    I did a google and couldnt find any info so I thought best to ask R6 owners

    Click to see full size. the Scratch is the one where the head fairing meets the body.

    See attachment.

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  2. Here is a better picture

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  3. replaceable, just like the mirror.
  4. Thanks, would you know the name of the fairing so I can search for it?
  5. Is that the part that's attached to the lights?
  6. that i know, the panel im talking about is next to the one holding the lights, if you look at the picture, the scratch follows through to the other panel where it looks like a bit of it is torn off
  7. what year is the r6?

    go onto jakewilson.com and search for OEM parts. they have online parts diagrams for your bike so you can check out all the seperate parts around that area of the bike.
  8. It's 2008, the part search returned no results, kept taking me back to the manufacturer selection page!
  9. hey yeah, its doing that to me also!! i looked at it earlier this morning though, must be a site error.

    are you going to replace the parts or just after a quote?
  10. its called
  11. Really mate, best thing to do is get it repaired at a place like bike magic rather than replace the hole fairing.
  12. Guys, thanks for the replies in this thread, the dealer has replaced all scratched parts ;)