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Question for Electricians or Tech type people.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Caz no 2, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. We have an automatic gate opener and we believe this little red thing here is not working properly.

    Can someone tell me what it actually is? Is it a relay? A switch?

    Would a normal electrician be able to help fix this or do I need a specialised Automatic Gate person?
    Gate Controller.
  2. What makes you believe that red thing is the problem?
  3. Ok hopefully I can explain this properly.

    There are 2 little plastic discs that rotate when the gate opens and closes, and when the plastic disc touches the metal on this red thing, the gate should stop when it has opened. It doesn't seem to be contacting properly and will not allow the gate to stay open. It starts closing straight away. But if you manually hold it with your finger (to make contact) it seems to work.

    Did that make sense?
  4. The item you indicate is a "microswitch". It's purpose is to set the limit of travel of the actuator. It may be just out of adjustment, with a little luck!
  5. The little red thing is a microswitch.
    You may need to adjust its mounting position if it is on slotted screw holes, or you may need to adjust the posotion of the plastic cams that operate it, they may have slipped on the shaft.
  6. The red thing is simply a switch, most likely used to cut the power when the gate is shut, but like spenze said, are you sure that's the problem?
  7. No not 100% it is the problem, just a thought as works if we press this thing manually.
  8. +1 to the above Microswitch or sometimes known as a limit switch because it switches when something reaches mechanical set limits. As suggested try mechanical adjustment first when the gate is at the limits where it engages. Fully Open and Fully Closed.
  9. gliderol by the looks??? , if so they will help .
  10. If it's anything like my automatic garage door, I'd hazard a guess that the rotating discs you speak of are adjustable. As per my garage door, I can remove 2 screws and move the discs independently of each other, clockwise or anti-clockwise, so that I can adjust when the discs/cams touch the microswitch to stop the motor when fully opened or closed. Since all gates/doors come in different sizes (length of gate, height of roller door etc) you need to be able to adjust it to suit your need.

    Have a look and see if you can adjust either the micro switch or the the discs.
  11. it an optic limit switch find a kid done the road that looks about 18 he should be able to fix it for you