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Question for Ducati Owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DeepWater, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I've decided to upgrade my '04 r6 and the bike i've been looking at is the ducati 1098. Took it for a test ride, all was well and so I sat down with the guys and started talking figures. They wanted $28,500 for it plus I wanted 1,500 of accessories (alarm, bike stand and something else), so it came to a total of $30,000. So I was thinking sweet, thats the asking price, now it's time to do some bargining, which i enjoy doing, though with these guys, they would not move an inch on the price. It got to the point where i said it looks like im going to have to go look at the gsxr 1000 and the guy pretty much said, yeah you best do that, so i got up and left. They didn't want to play ball with the price at all. Has anyone else experienced this when buying a ducati?


  2. hey dude yea they are all known for not moving on price

    I believe it has to do with not having as many dealers as the jap bikes they know that if you want to buy a ducati customers will be forced to pay whatever they want as there are very few competitors
  3. just wait for Stevo's to start selling them, then all the dealers will have to cut the guts out of them to sell 'em.. :LOL: ...

    Seriously though.. it is because they are only available at a few places and those dealers stick to their guns
  4. Perhaps they saw you as not worthy of being a ducati owner? :grin:

    But seriously as the law of sales dictates: supply and demand. Low supply and high demand unfortunately means that they need not reduce prices to make a sale so why should they?
  5. What a shit salesperson.

    All you wanted was SOMETHING to sweeten the deal.

    They probably can't move much at all on the price because they're in cahoots with other dealers; but all the bloke had to do was throw the first service in for free, and give you a pair of Ducati gloves or something.

    Buy it somewhere else on principle.

    It's just a Ducati. They aren't selling $500,000 Lamborghini's where people expect to be patronised by snobby arseholes and are too ashamed to ask for a discount.

    Plenty of people can afford a $30k bike, and they can afford to buy it from someone who isn't a pretentious scrote, too.
  6. Exactly, had they tried to make the deal abit sweeter, they would of had a sale, but nothing, so i walked out. The only bad thing is, there are only roughly 3 dealers in the syd area (penrith, homebush and north syd) and two of which are owned by the same company. So i believe they all are like that which is annoying
  7. There's nothing stopping you from buying it in another state - bit more hassle of course but perfectly do-able.
  8. Deepwater - There is a Ducati/Triumph dealer in Artarmon that you might want to try. Not sure if they will discount, i never got the option to test ride so i bought the MV from Alto's instead.
  9. Are you after a Ducati in particular or an Italian V-twin? Aprilia are doing $1500 cash back on the RSVRs and Tuonos, besides which they are cheaper than Ducati to begin with. I haven't been in there yet but a dealer in Hoddle St is upgrading from scooters etc to Aprilia and Moto Guzzi bikes. I spoke with the owner at the expo and got the impression that this was a guy who was serious about creating a dealership in the quality mold of Ducati Melbourne. Might be worth you having a look if you like Aprilias.

    - Just noticed you're in Bankstown, I doubt you're that needy to buy a bike to come this far south. Dunno any local dealers out your way but someone must sell Aprilias around there.
  10. There's an MV dealer in Homebush, a little further up Parramatta road from that new Frasers Ducati/BMW/Harley place. Just over the road from pauls warehouse...

    For what it's worth... +1 post...
  11. I tend to think there is no budging on the price, because of the already mentioned factors...but i also tend to think that the Ducati's sell themselves...If you dont buy it, the next guy will. Out of the three major italian sports bikes, the 1098 is easily the best looking...even over the MV's in my opinion, and looks count for alot.
  12. Yeah, Ducati dealers tend not to knock too many dollars off new bikes. You might drag $500 off the price for a 1098 if they've got two in stock or something. They will usually move bikes by adding accessories - I think they are throwing in Termignoni slip ons with some versions of the 1098 currently.
  13. in the past it was ducati policy not to discount the price of the new bike, even on runout stock the price remained the same, but the offer of leathers, accessories etc. sweetened the deal.
    This is good practice and rewards current owners by not de-valuing the bike that they just paid top dollar for.
    In the long run you could only be happy with this scenario.
  14. RRP for 1098 is $25,990 PLUS your $1500 extra's, which leaves $2500 for on-road?? You think they would do a better deal, or throw in the extra's you wanted.
    Best maybe looking second hand, you can get em for $25k with low km's, and im sure you could bargain still with a private owner sale, as they are still gettin some serious cash back ($20k+).

    Get the GSXR1000, thats what i would do, then invest your $10k left over, wait a few years, sell the Gixxer and get 1098.
  15. I would expect Frazers learned a hard lesion at the end of the run of Bevels when they suddenly dropped the price of 900ss by 20% and pissed off most of there customer base,it killed the resale market for years,I knew blokes who bought one for $6k and the next week the same models were sold for 4 and a bit.
  16. The Ducati dealers in Qld also don't budge much on price, but I often hear people get a set of Termi's thrown in. If you want a sweetener, get some extras thrown in!
  17. Frasers didn't drop on price when I asked "best price" on used bike. It was priced fairly well, but not as cheap as private sale.

    Northside had a bit of a discount on a runout last years model ST3, think maybe $1,000.

    But as mentioned if they're in limited supply, then price wont move too much. Sure sucks the dealer wouldn't look after you on some accessories though.

    All the best in your search and let us know how it goes
  18. Most families spend more per annum on food and personal necessities than they do on their car or bike. Meat, vegies, toothpaste, shampoo and the rest of the stuff we need to live, right?

    So if you negotiated aggressively every single time you went to the checkout at Coles, Woollies, Aldi, your local grocer or 7/11 you could then save enough to buy an exotic and overpriced motorcycle that prides itself on its latte value.

    Of course maybe you won’t be able to buy food or your necessities in your state after a while but that’s not much different to not being able to buy a Ducati in your state either. Right?

    Yes, yes, I’m offering a nonsensical argument and being a dickhead but seriously, why would someone have a problem with a salesperson who tries to sell a product rather than a price?
  19. I was able to talk down price....mostly because my stepfather had bought a bike from them a month earlier.

    Is there somewhere else you can try?

    I imagine they are pretty reasonable selling bikes (i.e. I'm seeing quite a few on the roads), so maybe they'll wait for someone happy to spend the $$$
  20. With the release of the 1198 coming, I would imagine that there may be some sale prices for the 1098 coming up to get rid of stock?