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Question for Canberrians

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Judge Geoffrey, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Are any of you cageless and ride around all year long in Canberra? I'm thinking of selling my car so I can spend more $ on a bike but I'm not sure if I can handle winter here without a cage.

  2. car in winter ftw.
  3. I rode all this winter. I lent my car to my sister in May (it was just looking pretty in the driveway) and haven't driven it since!

    I have Oxford heated grips on the ER-5 which were awesome on those -6 mornings. The heated grips I put on the ZX aren't so great but still better than nothing.

    I reckon it can be done, and judging by how busy the bike parking near my work was this winter, a lot of others ride all through winter as well!

  4. Sounds promising. What sort of gear do you wear in winter for warmth? Pair of thermals under the jeans enough to keep the legs warm when just doing a bit of commuting?
  5. I wore thermals under dririder type pants and Explorer socks and I was fine!
  6. I do.

    I still don't have my car licence, so I can't drive in the cold and the wet.

    If you are going to do it, invest in some good wet-weather kit, but still be prepared to get wet. For the cold, get a thick jacket with a winter lining and woollen jumpers. THICK woollen jumpers, because riding in -5C through fog is g*dd*amn COLD!
  7. I rode all through this winter, without getting excessive gear. On the coldest mornings I'd chuck some thermals on under a jacket and another layer or two, and thermal pants. Good gloves are needed (no heated grips here :cry: ), and a scarf or belaclava or something to keep the wind out of your helmet. It did get cold sometimes, but nothing unbearable. One of my mates has just sold his car to get a bike, so you won't be alone on the roads.
  8. Cold, but bearable. It all depends on how determined to ride you are, and on the distance you want to ride (anything more than 30 mins, you need good gear). :grin:
  9. I should add that I am the biggest wuss when it comes to being cold! If I can ride all through winter, anyone can.
  10. Ok minds made up, I'm gonna do it!
  11. :woot:

    Congrats. Welcome to the world of the cage-free garage.
  12. There will be times you'll wish you had both.

    ... even if it's just that you don't want to park your nice bike outside a football ground / pub / concert venue.

    Let alone the weather.
    I realised the merits of hanging onto my 250 last concert I went to. Good to have something crappy you can park outside a place where drunk people will be walking.
  13. Excellent!

    For those times when a bike is impractical I bully my sister into driving me places. (which is only fair given that she is driving my car!) Or I would get a taxi... its gotta be cheaper to get an occasional taxi than maintaining a car for occasional use???
  14. I spent several years with a bike as my only Canberra transport (I was so much younger then)

    Good boots and gloves, thermal underwear and wet weather gear will see you through most situations. Just watch out for black ice once you get to the outer limits.

    A good hint is to buy a couple of the chemical warming packs from a camping supply shop and keep them in reserve for when you're stuck out the ar5e-end of nowhere and have to get home at 3 in the morning. :roll:
  15. Yeah, it gets really cold here in the early mornings.

    Riding to work for a 5:30am start is cold and frightening. There's nothing like a hot coffee after it.
  16. Thanks for the advice and positive comments guys. I've actually survived many carless winters in Sydney on a bike but the difference in temperature between Sydney and Canberra is incredible!

    Right now I'm browsing mcas.com.au for some cold weather gear. Gonna get some Rjays Hurricane Gloves and Silk Balaclava. Already got the thermals.

    Does anyone know what these Tornado Jackets are like?


    Am I correct in assuming that where it says "Completely lined to slide over jacket easily" means that this jacket is worn over the top of your existing bike jacket?
  17. I rekon they would be.

    I've worn leathers in winter here, and they're just not warm enough. Even with thermals and tracksuit pants.
  18. I'm glad to see that I won';t be the only Canberran riding full time in winter, my car's going to buy me a bike. And I often have to start at 6am at work, and Macgregor-to-Fyshwick is a bit of a hike
  19. Macgregor to Fyshwick at 6.00am probably takes 20 mins, but mate, at the time of the day!!! :cool: