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Question for Band Members - Singing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Question for those in a band.

    I really want to sing, and enjoy singing but I sound awuful ( I dont want singing lessons). If you know of any tips/ ideas on how to sing better could you please pass them on to me.

    I have a friend who is in a band & is the lead singer, but I dont want to ask him.

    I have the problem of my voice just droning. So if you can help, coudl you please let me know. :wink:
  2. As painful as it my be to say.....some people are just not born to sing and no matter how much time or effort they put in, simply they will never sound good.

    I LOVE to sing and do so regularily, however, i sound terrible. A great singing voice is definately (re. buble) on my 'to come back with' list, if i ever die and come back, along with a body like the desperate house wives gardner, enrique iglesious looks and a ron jeremy sized willy :grin:
  3. I'm with Josh, sorry P J. If ya got it, you can do something with it. If ya ain't got it, not too much can improve it

    Take up the drums?? :LOL:
  4. I've got guitar :wink:
  5. Try a voice/singing coach, they'll tell you whether to continue or not. sometimes you just need a few tips other times, well as has been said a new voicebox
  6. Now if you found you rode a bike really badly, and you wanted to be able to ride well, the best advice would be to take lessons, right?

    A good singing teacher won't bring you up to Caruso's standard, but as long as you are reasonably healthy, they can get you sounding tolerable.

    Check out the notice board in a good local music store, or check the yellow pages.
  7. Dont listen to them mate :wink: ,

    Singing isnt about having what some people would consider a "good" voice, its all about passion...

    And theres no reason you cant get better with practice or tuition anyways...

    Last time i checked Billy Corgan had an awful voice but i was always in love with their music, and certainly wasnt the only one :grin:

    Dont give up!!
  8. Hey i play drums in a band and they asked me to do back up vocals i said sure pay me twice and no probs :grin: But reality is if you want to sing you really need to take lessons unless you have a natural talent , from what you said you dont so do what the rest of the musos do and go get your self some lessons :)
  9. There's a few things at play here:

    1) Your understanding of music - the theory if that interests you, but also your innate understanding of what notes and harmonies "mean." You can work on this quickest by learning piano I reckon, that gives you a real good overview of how to think musically and know what you're doing.

    2) Your ability to listen and distinguish between things that are in tune and aren't - this can be worked on.

    3) The natural quality of your voice, which is gonna have unique characteristics. Some people can sing outta tune and make it sound great, others have great voices in the higher registers but sound crap down low. You have to be prepared for the possibility that you're not going to be able to sound great singing your favourite tunes.

    But yeah, as above I reckon the best way to get going is to see a private teacher, who can figure out where you want to go and show you the path to get there.

    I've been singing for years and I love it. Just ask Glitch or Jason, they're my biggest fans. :LOL:
  10. Thanks guys, I will start asking and looking around for singing lessons, just after I get a bike. Can't afford anything else at the moment. :grin:
  11. I'd agree with the others, lessons mate. I doubt anyone starts perfect and it's the only way to improve.

    Otherwise give SCREAMO a try. Mostly instrumental with fits of insanely loud screaming. I guess it is a form of singing without having to have a good voice. I don't know heaps about it other than my bro is a fan.
  12. what stylez of music u interested in PJ?
  13. Common mistakes most people make while singing is incorrect breathing and posture. Stand tall, don't slouch. Tighten your stomach muscles to assist posture as well as assisting to keep air flowing through your mouth as you sing.

    You will find it helps also if you sing in a room with a slight reverb because you can more easily hear yourself (too much reverb eg bathroom will create the illusion that you are singing well by disguising imperfection, so don't over do it), and actually listen to the pitch of your voice. If you listen rather than just sing you will be more able to adjust the pitch.

    Don't scream and warm up your voice first. Humming is very good for your voice and makes a great warm up, as does trying to match notes to another instrument progessivly higher and lower.

    Enjoy singing. I certainly do. I'm no paverotti (but thenas a folk singer I don't need to be), but I can hold a tune. It's 90% practice and persistance. The difference b/w most and the stars is the 10% of special talent IMO. And don't let anyone tell you to shut up. If I could remember who wrote this I'd credit them, but the quote is: "If the only birds who sang were those who sang best, the forrest would be a quiet place indeed." :)
  14. Proberbly, some of the newer stuff, eg. Thirsty Merc etc. also a bit of the older band stuff like Brown eyed girl, Summer of 69 & Mrs Robinson