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question bout P5 at homebush

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. went out there with a mate 2day hoping to practice on the cone weave and u turns. when we got there, there was a barrier at the entrance and u had to get a ticket and then pay when u leave..

    now for my questions.. has this always been the case? if yes how do u overcome it, just pay? if this is new and no one else knew bout it DAMMIT now cant practice for free.
  2. Can you ride around the Barrier?

    Is this one of the parking lots in Olympic Park? If so there is plenty more there. (Try the bus parking area behind Telstra Stadium)
  3. yeah u culd ride round barriers easyliy. but wanted to know if anyone knew if there is security or video cameras or anything.

    yeah u can just go to other car parks. but apparantly somone has marked out the cone weave in this car park. search for thread with P5 and it will explain it all.[/u]
  4. ride across the footpath and between the poles, ive done this many times without a problem
  5. If its the parking nearest the aquatics centre (cbf lookin it up) its permenantly set up to be pay parking, however a lot of the others, well they are only like that around times that they have events on (football, olympics ;-), easter show, etc)

    your best bet is to go to one of the rear parking lots near where the busses are. coming from homebush bay drive down australia ave, turn right at the intersection near the railway overpass, keep going down that way for a while, and theres parking on the right in a big open area, im pretty sure that that's non pay parking all the time.
  6. Yeah just go around the barrier you should be fine.
  7. Cameras in car-parks are 'security cameras'.

    They are there to deter theft and vandalism. Private property car parks are unlikely to have links with the RTA for tracking your rego and sending you out a letter demanding $8

    Most likely a security guard will have a chuckle while watching his monitor and then return his attention to his coffee/donut/p0rn.
  8. But not necessarily in that order. :p
  9. Btw private property means that can't do f/all to force you to pay. They cant force you to do anything. Though im not sure about what the story with clamping tyres is.