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Question about tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Romus, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Hey guys :)

    Might be a stupid question but how do I know if the tyre is good or bad? I've read that extensive point to point bike purchase guide, and obviously will look out for cracks and "spider web" ones but is bike tyre like the one on the car? With the little indicator that tells you how much thread remains?

    I've also read about those codes/numbers that indicate when tyre was manufactured but didnt really get it.

    Thanks :)
  2. if the tyre isn't cracking or peeling look for the tread wear bars - they will be there, same as a car tyre. If you can't find them, and the tyre looks like a slick it is completely worn out.

    If the tyre IS a slick, there are notches (little slits) in it that do the same job. If you can't find any, the tyre is worn out.
  3. Another thing to look for, on front tyres in particular, is "scalloping". With wear, the sections of surface rubber between the tread grooves go from being convex to becoming flattened or concave. This reduces the effective contact patch and it's time time to replace.
  4. Titus, is that also known as "cupping"? I've heard the term cupping before but never really knew what it meant.
  5. Some brand tyres do cup, apparently with no ill effects, so it shouldn't be an instant failure mark for a tyre.
    My GTR has a cupped Dunlop Arrowmax on it(they are known for it) and my old Z had a cupped Barracuda(yeah, yeah, they ARE good tyres!).
    All cupping indicates is that the tread blocks are moving around when in contact with teh road, ie, doing their job of providing traction.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I'm actually glad someone brougt that up as my front is doing that and was concerned it was stuffed...still has plenty of tread.
  7. Mothegg, the test is how your tyre is behaving on the road. If it's still giving enough feel for what it's doing, and not pushing the front wide, then you're probably ok for now. Trouble is though, that the wear is gradual and you may get used to it without noticing the deterioration.
    Anyway, I tend to push my tyres to get the absolute most ks out of them as I can (money and all) so I'm not one to tell anyone that they must shell out for new tyres.
  8. All tyres will cup or feather when pushed, it doesnt mean they need to be replaced. In extreme cases it will give you a bit less wet weather grip but even then its minimal, so keep using them till theres nothing left.
  9. Cool, thanks guys