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Question about suspension

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Anson, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    I am just interested in learning more about suspension. I tried going online and do some research but things are still unclear to me. Maybe you guys can give me some advice?
    I own a XJ6N and my question is, should I find a mechanic to do a proper suspension set up for me? Would it make a significant improvement in stability and cornering?
    Many thanks

  2. Suspension is way more important than engine power, a correctly or reasonably well set up suspension package can make a world of difference, seriously, suggest you take bike to a suspension specialist not a mechanic as they will have a ton more experience than a general bike mechanic on suspension adjustments/modifications. If you are going to ride your bike mainly on the road make sure you ask for a none race set up, a softer set up that will absorb all the shitty roads we have around, more than often sports bikes have very little hope of keeping up with a much less powered general purpose comfort bike that has its suspension set up to comply with our roads. Also get suspension set up specifically for your style of riding, ie whether you want to mainly cruise or pace it often. As you don't have electronic suspension all you can do is get the best possible compromise to suit your general riding style. Overall, yes, it will make a significant improvement to cornering stability, only danger is you will probably end up riding faster because the bike will track more comfortably unless you have good self management. Lots of luck & ride safely.
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  3. Thanks a lot! Any idea how much would it cost?
  4. Depends on the type of suspension you have, I have a Yamaha TDM900 which has fairly old styled push rod conventional forks ( not later upside down ) & had my front suspension re springed ( different springs ), had valves put in it to control dampening & had rear spring assembly dampening mechanisms re valved, cost about $1200-$1500 but I have had it re adjusted three times because I pace it a lot & its a longer travel suspension bike so harder to set a compromise.
    It made enormous difference to bike stability making it more neutral steering & handling.
    You may not have to go that far, maybe all you need is a fork oil change to something more appropriate in thickness & basic spring pre-load adjustment where they will adjust ride height of bike with you seated on it combined with some dampening adjustments if required.
    Am guessing that you are not looking to go pacing at speed a lot on a XJ6N so maybe just some basic adjustment/modifications for a few hundred would suffice but really needs to be done by someone with specific suspension experience unless you have years of skill up your sleeve.
    Like I said before it is real important to stress to whomever is going to do the work that you want it for your specific riding style, ie, got to be set softer for cruising, middle of the road for general riding & harder/firmer for faster riding or doubling up a lot. The bottom line is the more the suspension can absorb the road irregularities the more comfortable/stable the bike will be so the more control you have to ride either safer or faster depending on your passion.
  5. Shock Treatment Home Page
    These would be the guys to talk to in the sydney area about cost and setting your bike up for you
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  6. Shock Treatment are very good but I had problems with them as they set my bike up way too firm & not compliant, they are more race focused but I am sure they have the ability to make the suspension to your specific needs. I have had my front end softened twice since then by a suspension specialist over here on the North Shore but if you go to Shock Treatment then impress on them that you don't want over firm suspension because inner/outer Sydney roads are very varied in conditions. Like I said before, the best suspension is one that complies with the road, not fights it.
  7. This is one of the best guides for suspension set-up. Read it, understand it and then use it to tell you what you should be watching for and how to address it.

    Motorcycle Suspension Set-up
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  8. That's a good write up ibastibast
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